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Here In Oakland

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May 21, 2013

Go To Bed
Tuesday. To bed as planned early last night, awake and out of bed before the alarm was due to sound to then set out for breakfast on (another) sunny morning, the temperature fine, plenty of time to read the papers.

Started the laundry when I got home. There was some slight hesitation before I was ready to pack it downstairs, but the second two loads of four are now in the wash and we'll soon be set for another three or four weeks of clean living before another existential decision is needed to do it again.

Later. The laundry done, the t-shirts folded and put away in their drawer, the shirts on hangers and the bed made, all this without any real effort. Good for me. A gold star, a nice one cut from sparkly paper. Well. The is laundry done and lunch awaits.

Along the lake with the 135mm lens, thinking I'd chase down the goslings if they were anywhere nearby, taking a picture or two as I was looking, but not finding them I headed on to the usual place for a half turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, ice cream and a lemonade.

My waitress brought me the half sandwich, as she always does, and it was indeed made from a single piece of bread, cut in two, half sandwich top and half sandwich bottom, but the turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and whatever else is included was enough for two sandwiches in any sane sense in the way of making one. No complaints, but more than I wanted or needed to eat, those three extra pounds still standing their ground.

Picked up three forever books of stamps walking back, coming up on the lost goslings who were taking a break from vacuuming the grass near the white column pergola. Where they'd been when I was heading out I have no idea. For some reason I didn't count them this time, took one or two pictures and returned to the apartment, the sun shining, but with a nice cool breeze that made it close to perfect.


Better than good. We wish to be humble here and not irritate Anyone who can dictate the weather.

Later still. A nice half hour or so lying down, can't call it a nap, although we drifted off, up to take care of the current bills and to finally do the Protime blood test right. And fold the socks, the last of the laundry tasks. We are rolling!

Now for guitar (after we've changed out the batteries in the guitar and the foot activated tuning box. Who knew that batteries would become such an ever present annoyance in this life?

Otherwise what? Evening is approaching, the day has gone well, the nap (or almost a nap) was done because I was feeling tired, had nothing to do with weird vibes or closing walls. Which is good. A Maigret later at six, which I will undoubtedly have seen before and which I will undoubtedly not remember (how it turns out). I usually practice along as I'm watching a Maigret and that's to the good. It is.

Evening. My, my. A Maigret I haven't seen before. I'm pretty sure. I don't think my memory is that shot. I always recognize one I've seen before when they play, usually with the first scene, I just don't seem to ever remember who done the deed.

Anyway, played along for ninety minutes with the thing, interesting beginning, interesting end. Another hour or so and we'll go to bed.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Asian Heritage Street Celebration with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.