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May 29, 2013

Through The Weekend
Wednesday. To bed before ten, up about forty-five minutes after the alarm had gone off, off to breakfast and back still dancing with some less severe symptoms of yesterday's sinus condition. Be interesting to see if it continues today, but first we'll take a nap. Overcast, by the way. The weather people say sun and the like later (at least they did yesterday), we'll see if they were right.

Later. A probably too brief nap before getting up to take a walk along the lake, thinking I'd head over to the usual place for lunch, the sky still overcast, but with signs of clearing later in the afternoon.

One of the fliers they'd posted in the white column pergola area said the goose population around the lake would grow from about two hundred birds to close to three thousand starting on May 31st extending through July 20th, all from the local area, all here to moult. I wondered at the time why they'd specifically chosen May 31st rather than say June 1st, the difference of but a single day. Is there really a difference in the one day? A minor thing, but I've noticed the geese are indeed starting to arrive (and moult).

So a picture or two finding the goslings on the lawn beside the pergola, oblivious to all but their stomachs and the grass. There was still a touch of yesterday's “sinus not quite in balance” going on, I was hoping it was receding, but on to have a grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream and coffee out at a table on the patio just as the sun broke through the clouds. Nice. I was wearing a sweater under the jacket, but even with the sun it made sense.

A walk then back to the apartment feeling better, home now to futz with the guitar. This week's lesson seems simple, a song we've done before that doesn't really contain any chord changes that are a problem (and need lots of practice), but I figure that's a mistake. Simple doesn't mean you don't push it all that much further and get it really tight. And I have to make up for the weekend and the time I spent on photographs.



Later still. A brief lie down on the bed, not getting to sleep, but up feeling better. The sinuses have retreated into their own dark corner, feel much better, so we're through with that. May go through it again, but not until later (tonight, next week, next month, next life), so all is good for guitar practice and whatever else I might invent.

Good luck with that.

True, true. I was wondering earlier, as I too often wonder without effect, why I don't take short trips during the week, up the coast, down the coast, toward the east. A certain feeling of, well, “no traveling blues” is my guess. If I was able to come up with a photo destination that appealed? You'd think, if could think. Of one. Doesn't happen. The trip up to Seattle for the family gathering in July will be excuse enough, but I'd be willing to bet that will end up being the only trip.

Evening. Nothing in the way of subtitled detective programs I'm willing to watch at six, so I listened to the extensive interview with Julian Assange on today's Democracy Now. The current administration's push against whistle-blowers is a bugaboo of mine, no need to bore you with it, but listening to it clears the head, gets me up and pacing the floor.

A walk earlier down to the lake, taking but one picture, but the head clear, although it was fogging a bit toward the end. At least I wasn't pushing a walker. Four people drumming a Brazilian beat by the white columns, some dozen or so people standing and sitting as they listened. Bad lighting or I'd have taken a picture. Nice afternoon, shirt sleeve weather. They're saying more, but warmer, through the weekend.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.