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May 31, 2013

Odd Effects
Friday. Up after the alarm, but up, a little bitching, but nothing to think about. Off to breakfast and back, the morning again sunny and they're saying quite a bit warmer. So, far, so good.

Started feeling the tiredness come on when I got home, so I figured I'd lie down for an hour before heading out to the guitar lesson, but realized when the hour had passed I was in no shape to be driving and so canceled out the lesson at the last minute. We've now scheduled it for Tuesdays in the afternoons, see if that doesn't take care of this morning wiggyness I've been experiencing. Might be better if I just started sleeping in, have breakfast at nine or ten instead of half past six.

So the day ahead, albeit still feeling like a nap, which - what the hell? - I will do if the feeling persists.

Later. Too warm sitting out in front of Peet's with a small cup of coffee watching the people walk by. I'd taken a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then walked through Frank Ogawa Plaza after having a first cup of coffee (mocha) and a raspberry shortcake cookie in the Rotunda building, things going along fine so far, then walked through the plaza to take this series of pictures of a man lecturing to no one but the photographer and one lone passer by standing with his head cocked to the side on the benefits of love and understanding. I think that was the subject, although I didn't stay long enough to confirm.

Through the City Center finding them setting up for something with some kind of carnival theme for later (what, later, I have no idea - the First Friday Art Murmur isn't due until next Friday) and taking a picture in the mirror. My eye was seeing this image in focus, the camera for some reason was not.

Over then to sit in front of Peet's at a table in the shade remarking to myself how warm and how tired I was feeling (as mentioned), with that second cup of straight coffee (cut with water) this time and a lemon something. A small lemon something, we don't want to imply a complete breakdown in our diet. Why so tired after all the naps and bitching?

A walk to take a look at the Friday's farmers market over on 9th and then the bus back to the apartment, a package with the jeans I'd ordered sitting in front of the apartment house front door. Not good. Too easy to lose a package leaving it in the open like that, even on a back road lane like ours. People steal things around here, no need to make it easy.

So maybe another nap. Maybe not. Nap or not, we still have to practice this week's lesson as it's coming up this Tuesday. Still, another nap. Why another nap?

Later still. A walk to the lake to see if I could find the goslings along the way. No luck in the usual places. Sat for a while on a bench at the white columned pergola, a walk back to the apartment feeling hungry, but again, not willing to go anywhere to pick something up. For about the hundredth time. Diddle-dee-mine. Another nap now, I think, we're still a bit scattered.

Evening. Odd day in that all the days have been odd lately: I've been hungrier than usual (happens now and again), had three naps, one of which, the first one, leading to sleep, still tired.

Nothing on television, so we'll check Netflix for a movie (good luck with that) and turn in early, maybe not set the alarm and get up tomorrow whenever the body stirs. Odd days require odd efforts.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.