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May 7, 2014

Always Guitar
Wednesday. To bed before ten, to sleep not long after to get up with the alarm and head off to breakfast on an overcast morning that's going to be another sunny day. In May. Hey.

A bit scrambled in retrospect these last few days since the weekend, perhaps a result of all the time spent on the photographs, time that didn't allow me to stay on top of some of my other routine tasks. Like sorting out the construction pictures. Like figuring out the right chords to be practiced for Tuesday's guitar lesson. Little stuff you forget to remember or to pay attention to and so we need to better stay on top of it. We're not ready to be worried about Alzheimer's yet, no need to stir that particular pot.

Are we drifting here? Does this make sense?

With additional editing I suspect. But again: time to get back on target.

Later. The usual routine is to take a short walk to photograph any changes to the construction site and then cross over to the lake to check for interesting activity and the presence of interesting birds. Which is what I did.

A small group of workmen seemed to be preparing the area for whatever is coming next and so a picture or two to document the fact. Document? Well, something to show I'd been outside the apartment. I didn't cross over to the lake as I couldn't see anything going on or any birds of interest. Probably a bad move as I (what?) undoubtedly missed a rare appearance by the Lake Creature hidden from me just below the street along the shore? Perhaps.

Back now to maybe attempt a nap before introducing myself to the guitar. I have something in mind that will undoubtedly give my instructor a heart attack: actually queuing up the songs and playing along with them using the right tempo and chords. No short cuts, real world gonna be a guitar player practice. Not enough to satisfy even the pale shadow of a Tiger Mother, but closer to it than I've been accustomed. Acclimated. Adjusted.

Later. A walk to the usual place to have lunch, a turkey burger, potato salad and lemonade, taking a picture of the construction site as I was setting out more because it's now what I do than any particular indication of progress. Although we are making progress.

Back again along the lake, Hank out fishing, another picture of the construction site on the way home. The sinuses and upper palate have been acting up all morning and into the afternoon, more so than usual, so the nice day out there (the temperature now 64 in the early afternoon) that can't thereby be enjoyed as much as it should. But this too is becoming more the norm, the routine, so we'll just pop another pill and get on with it.

Guitar now. We talked about it earlier, but now is (really) the time (unless I'm again being dishonest).

Later still. The sinuses and upper palate continued to get worse and were joined by what I've been calling a “dry mouth”, not sure if that's technically correct. Anyway, an hour lying down after fumbling with restringing one of the guitars (much overdue) in a somewhat aching sinuses reduced state and then a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone (taking a picture).

The sinuses and upper palate/dry mouth seem to be getting better up as it's turning six and I'm thinking that turkey burger (not something I've had before at my café) was cooked with something on the to be avoided list. The turkey came in a patty form, much like a hamburger patty, fried and, well, fried. The turkey burger “dry mouth” culprit. I don't need to have another one.

Evening. A Maigret at nine, nothing else I'm willing to watch until then. They evidently restarted the series last Wednesday with one I'd seen before. Again this evening? Maybe best I've seen them all, nothing to then to keep me up later than (I say) I'd like.

There's always guitar.

There's always guitar.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire on Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.