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Here In Oakland

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May 8, 2014

Into An Evening
Thursday. And I did watch the Maigret last night at nine. Yes I'd seen it before in that I vaguely recognized the story premise at the start and the character who played the perpetrator (whom, along with his dear old mother, done it). Otherwise I had not a clue. Still, it watched it through the full hour and a half, getting to bed at ten-thirty. Any hope for a long night's sleep lost.

Sounds like another one of your routines.

Might get me back to reading more of the Maigret books. I'm still not sure I couldn't light that fire again. Reading. Fiction in general, not just the Maigret's.

Still, up and out of bed without difficulty, off to breakfast on another overcast morning much like yesterday morning, probably some sun later if luck holds. The sinus/upper palate show is so far keeping a low profile. I can tell they're there, as I can always tell they're there, but nothing like they were yesterday.

One little rule we'll follow: no god damned turkey burgers for lunch unless they're from the nearby drive-in where it's rumored they use actual chicken and they've never before given me a problem. Maybe a salad later, prepare for the Protime test tomorrow. I'm told green leafy things thicken the blood.

Later. A bus downtown to go by the ATM and then on to the Rotunda building for a mocha coffee (small) and a raspberry shortcake cookie. Some thought to walk instead to the ATM on Lakeshore, better exercise and that, but a bus was coming and that made the decision.

I remembered this was bike to work day in Oakland as I entered the area in front of the City Hall, Oakland for some reason deciding to hold it today rather than later this month with the rest of the nation, and found the usual assemblage of bicycles, although with fewer bicycles than in earlier years. Overcast and a bit dark, no thought to stop.

Back on the bus, getting off a stop ahead to facilitate walking by the construction site and take pictures to show the progress. They're obviously making progress, the excavator chewing through the rest of the hillside. So good. Click. That's enough. Time for a nap.

One slightly disturbing thought, as I was taking the construction site photographs, looking at the camera counter and seeing I'd taken five photographs earlier. What had I photographed earlier? Totally stumped me until I looked at the pictures on the computer. Oh, right. The bicycle pictures. A photograph of the construction site as I descended my hill setting out for the bus stop. Totally blank. Hmm.

You didn't mentally backtrack through your trip downtown?

I guess not. Still, not a clue. Another heads up, here in Oakland.

Later still. A decent nap. Little to no sleep, but the hour plus it took went by in what seemed to be a blink. Up to cook spaghetti for dinner and then out the door again to see how far they'd gotten at the construction site, taking all of three pictures. Looks like they'll bring in trucks tomorrow of clean up the remaining dirt, finish adding the planks to the retaining forms and get on with whatever comes next.

A quick look at the lake, nothing going on, back now at five, the sinuses not great, but certainly better than yesterday. How many years has it been, this sinus/upper palate thing? Ten plus? Yes. Better them than some other things, I guess, but not something I was expecting.

Evening. Not much on television, although I'll undoubtedly stay up to watch Elementary. Silly. The sinus/upper palate has begun to act up again and so we've downed another dose of the meds. If this continues I'll have to talk with someone about it. Why now? Why stronger? Why, why, whine, whine, into the evening.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire on Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.