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May 14, 2014

Starting At Nine
Wednesday. I mentioned I'd bought cereal yesterday morning at the supermarket. What I hadn't mentioned (or particularly thought about) was I'd eaten quite a bit of it with non-fat milk for both lunch and dinner, forgetting my earlier hunch eating cereal alone in quantity can sometimes bring on an ocular incident. One arrived big time around eight and lasting for well over an hour. Made for a very long day, yesterday, with or without all the being the “tired” crap.

Anyway, up this morning, the blood pressure 91 over 58 just out of bed, one-thirty over seventy-eight when I returned from breakfast. So I took the smaller dosage med I still had at the back of the kitchen cabinet to see if the lower dose would now straighten things out. The pressure read 101 over 60 when I took it so we're still all over the block. We'll watch it some more. We will.

Still, feel pretty good, not so tired, reasonably clear headed after cleaning up some of the more egregious spelling errors and such in yesterday's entry - so much for clear headed writing at any time during the day yesterday). They say more temperature records today, up into the nineties here in Oakland, yesterday's temperature a record 91. I wore a t-shirt to breakfast with a light jacket. No need for the light jacket. Warm. It was/is.

A picture of the flowers on the second of the two pandorea plants, the first one that originally flowered hasn't shown a sign of activity now for the last couple of weeks. Home now to undoubtedly cruise by the construction site before it' too warm, if it isn't too warm already. I'd say exciting stuff if the temperatures weren't so unpleasant.

Later. No naps, probably too warm for a nap. A quick walk by the construction site to see what they were doing in the coming heat, warm enough already from the feel of it .

Back to the apartment. Do I want to take the car and get it serviced? I received my license plate renewal invoice Monday and they want a smog check. The little sticker on the windshield suggested I should have had the oil changed last month, so a drive to the Honda dealer?

OK, the dealer said I really didn't need a routine service yet, having had one in January, which is good. Stickers evidently lie. There were hoses that needed replacement however, what did I think about that? Offers of discounts followed so I finally said yes. In days when I couldn't afford such I took the car to a good third party mechanic and got along just fine at a third the cost, but with the Element I've been doing the dealer trip. No excuses, no complaints.

A bus from the dealer's back to Grand, getting off to take a picture of a mural the owner of the building had obviously commissioned. Been meaning to take a picture of it now for the last month. Another bus home, the day now quite hot after noon, another picture of the construction site sitting now at the computer with the fan clicked up to medium, just enough to keep me (somewhat) content.

The repair guy had mentioned they had a long line of people who wanted to buy an Element, that it was worth quite a bit of money for a used car, and confirmed something I'd been thinking. If the entire country had bought as many Elements as they did here in the Bay Area, they never would have dropped the model. Older folks with dogs, was his comment. The Elderment. I'm hanging onto mine. Ten years old now, but under forty thousand miles. I'll stop before it drops.

Evening. Spent the rest of the afternoon updating device drivers on the main computer. Not sure why I let them get so far out of date. Mumble. The Honda people called and said they wouldn't have the parts they needed until tomorrow, so I'll pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Not a problem. It's now light at six in the morning, I can walk to breakfast and back.

Feel clear headed, far from tired, and so of course, I had the sake I'd bought at the supermarket yesterday. No way I was going to drink it when the ocular whatever arrived last night.

You feel clear headed for the first time in how long so you drink sake to fuzz things up?

Yeah. The effect has pretty much worn off, so we're not going to chide our little self too much. I watched the PBS Frontline I'd missed last night on the tablet this afternoon and then the second half of the Glenn Greenwald interview on Democracy Now early this evening.

Greenwald has mentioned now a number of times he'll soon be publishing a piece on exactly what groups the NSA has been “spying” on since it's had all this data, suggesting it will tie everything that's gone before together and red underline why we should worry about our government spying on us without cause.

And so to bed early.

There's a Maigret (I've undoubtedly seen before) starting at nine.

The photo up top was taken at the the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.