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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 15, 2014

Thursday. And indeed there was a Maigret last night at nine I knew I'd seen before, vaguely remembering more about it than I usually do with these things, but still watched it straight through and didn't get to bed until ten-thirty, moving the fan into the bedroom and placing it at the foot of the bed. Warm last night. It was.

Awoke for some reason at three and felt as if I never really got back to sleep, although I'm sure I was lost in a fairly deep fog, only coming out of it now and again to look at the clock and note the time. Still, up and out easily enough after six, walking to breakfast with the car still in the shop until later this afternoon.

Yes, they set another temperature record yesterday in Oakland, ninety-three degrees, and it's going to be hot again today before it cools down Friday through the weekend. Which is good. Well, good starting tomorrow. A haircut at eleven and so a bus in another hour, maybe it will dovetail with the car being ready, although they thought it wouldn't be until two this afternoon. We'll see.

The blood pressure under 120 over 80 when I returned from breakfast, I was wondering what it would read after walking the half mile and then up the hill and stairs, so we'll continue to watch it. Be nice if I can switch to the lower dose single med from the old combination of two different meds in one pill that I need to cut in half to get the right dosage. I've been taking that one now for the last decade. Odd, though, the blood pressure so low at this age. I started taking blood pressure meds at the age of 30, been tied to them since. Weight loss the difference? Probably. Either that or retiring is really good for you in ways you don't anticipate.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway (so I could pay for the haircut) and then on to the City Center to arrive five minutes before the appointment. Good. An hour later, walking toward City Hall, I heard and then saw a protest march in the distance on Broadway. Ah, right. Today, Thursday, the fast food workers were holding a worldwide protest demanding a $15.00 an hour minimum wage. An obvious opportunity for pictures.

The bus wasn't due for fifteen minutes and so I walked over to the Burger King where the marchers had entered the building and were holding a rally inside. A little different, this going inside. Lots of police, lots of protesters, no signs of trouble and so back to catch the bus home. I realized later, in going through the pictures, I should have stayed longer as I'd come up with enough, even with that short session, for a section on the web sites, more pictures would have made for better pictures. Not thinking. Such is life.

Anyway, a picture or two of the construction site on the way home to show their progress, and they are making progress from the look of it, a packet of chipotle peanuts from the 7-11 look-alike for lunch, two hours in Lightroom and Photoshop and then a call from the Honda dealer. Ah, right: the car.

A bus to Broadway, another bus to the Honda facility, home in the car. Not an inexpensive visit. I'm sympathizing with the Tesla people who don't want to sell their cars through dealers. Too depressing, buying a car from a dealer or wondering if a recommended repair is really necessary when you bring it in. But I've already bitched about this.

Evening. The last episode of the Elementary season this evening at ten which I (of course) watched. Nothing much on before that, although I did stumble across a Tavis Smiley interview with Mel Brooks that started at nine, thereby forgetting and missing the foreign detective program that started at the same time, dialing into it when it was half over and watching it to the finish at ten. Doesn't seem to matter. Start at the beginning, start in the middle, doesn't faze me a bit.

I did get in bunch of time on guitar. Still slowly, very slowly, getting up to speed on these particular chord changes we've been going over these last many weeks. Frustrating half the time, encouraging the other half. Probably more like frustrating eighty percent of the time, encouraging twenty percent, something guitar teachers don't stress when you start. Guitar isn't easy, those guys up on stage who play like the wind: there are many many hours of practice behind it.



The photo up top was taken at the the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.