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May 17, 2014

Common Anymore
Saturday. Both the New Tricks and the Midsomer Murders episodes last night were episodes I'd seen before and so I left them to their own devices and started a Netflix movie and spent time with the guitar until nine and watched an hour long Danish detective program The Eagle. I sat through the entire episode, different enough I guess to keep my interest, while futzing along with it on the guitar. I say “futzing” rather than “playing” for reasons that would have been obvious to anyone listening.

To bed by ten, awakening with the alarm. We'll say I was up and out the door with nary a care, the sky overcast, the temperature cool (given recent days), the attitude whole. The Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco later today so there are pictures to be found. A proper weekend.

An avocado omelet for breakfast - avocados (leafy greens of all kinds for their vitamin K content) tend to thicken the blood - remembering yesterday's high reading on the Protime blood test. Oh, and the blood pressure was 119 over 74 when I returned from breakfast. Many more measurement to follow, another day's hiccup that will be resolved, but for reasons that will probably remain unknown.

Later. A bus to BART, a train to the San Francisco Civic Center, a short walk to the Asian Heritage Street Celebration around noon to take pictures for two hours. A long tiring two hours, but no complaints. I wondered if I'd gotten more than one section of photographs for artandlife and it now looks to be two, somewhat over forty usable pictures now that I've reviewed them at home.

Again tired, the right kind of tired, stretched muscles tired, going through the first batch of pictures before lying down for a nap. No sleep it turned out, but entering the fog and returning feeling good, ready for more. One thing about running through the damned things, tired or not, I do them with relish (and mustard).

Nothing on television so we'll process pictures, get in as much time as we can on the guitar and go to bed early. I'm saying this before six, no way to tell what I'll do when the bell tolls.

I forgot the pharmacy when I got back to Oakland, which is too bad as I ended up waiting fifteen minutes for the bus to arrive, more than enough time to have gotten off at the 12th Street station, picked them up and still catch the bus. Doesn't surprise me anymore. We can get through tomorrow and pick the needed ones up Monday, but another red check to place on the senior lost moment side of the board.

Evening. Nothing I wanted to watch on television and so spent the time preparing photographs. Yes, two sections of photographs that I'll finish tomorrow. To bed at a decent hour, no thought to stay up late to watch Some Like It Hot on PBS. Liked that movie, saw it when it was originally released, have no interest in seeing it again. I'd say “odd” if such thoughts and aversions weren't so common anymore.

The photo up top was taken of a mural along Telegraph Avenue yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.