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May 21, 2014

Wednesday. I didn't do any reading last night, but watched the rest of the PBS Frontline United States of Secrets (Part One) and started Part Two on the tablet, rather than stay up late and watch the very same Part Two that started at ten this evening on PBS television. Well done for many reasons, worth watching. Of course it's a hot button of mine so I'd probably watch it all the way through even if I'd found it wanting.

And so to sleep after ten, up with the alarm without effort to head off to breakfast on an overcast morning and to stop by the gas station to fill the tank on the way home. I thought of going by the supermarket but decided against it. I would have bought sake, but was in no particular mood for sake later this evening, not that my mind wouldn't have changed by the time evening arrived.

A nice series of little quotidian thoughts to start your morning.

Any thoughts at all this early in the morning are appreciated.

Later. I debated affixing a long lens to the camera, but decided to bring the general purpose 24-120mm instead, which was fine in documenting (taking snapshots of) the construction site as they work burying pipes and finishing excavation along the perimeter walls.

On then along the lake where it became obvious it would have been better to have brought that longer lens when I ran across a group of geese and five goslings. They were standing along one of the cement walkways running from the lake edge to the sidewalk above and I was nervous they were so exposed in the middle of nowhere with so much area to travel should they need to escape danger, a product I suspect of having read too many articles about their mortality to predators.

Back to the apartment to lie down (what else?) before setting out again, this time to the ice cream shop and then on to the Lakeshore ATM, walking back around to the morning café to follow the ice cream with an apple turnover and a lemonade. Nutritious, don't you think? Ice cream and pastry? And I wonder why the mind seems to falter.

Home again after taking two or three more pictures at the construction site for another nap, actually getting in some sleep this time, before being awakened by a phone call from a doctor's office wanting to schedule an appointment. Interesting conversation, having suddenly been awakened, up too quickly to pick up the phone, flustered. Managed to make the appointment, but the woman at the other end of the line must have wondered at my confusion. I myself was wondering at the beginning if I hadn't been in the middle of one of the more weird ocular migraines.

You seem to be experiencing these moments of confusion more often.

I do find them confusing.

Evening. A Maigret I've seen before at nine and I suspect I can talk myself out of watching it as it runs until eleven. I have gotten in some guitar, so far. Not yet enough to be happy, but we're making progress. A patch work quilt, the evening: some Korean soap, some Charlie Rose if his guests aren't too terrible and then to maybe finish the rest of United States of Secrets in bed on the tablet. All this leading to lights out by ten.


Some Korean soap, we skipped Charlie Rose, skipped Maigret, played more guitar until the fingertips were aching and then headed to bed to finish the United States of Secrets.

The photo up top was taken at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco on Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.