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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 22, 2014

Gold Star
Thursday. To bed as described last night, to sleep at a decent hour, up half an hour after the alarm had sounded to set off to breakfast on another overcast but soon to be sunny morning. No complaints. Still wrestling with the correct dosage to maintain the blood pressure, we're due to repeat the Protime blood thinner test tomorrow and will then see how that's been holding, but these two, other than anticipation for the coming long weekend, are the only excitement I can find in this day. Which I mark as a positive.

You're close to rambling here.

We're close to rambling most everywhere. Let's just hope it doesn't get in the way of any walking, napping or picture taking.

Later. A nap. A fairly long lie down on the bed and maybe even sleep before getting up and heading out to document whatever was going on at the construction site nap, running into another photographer who was shooting inside the fence with two cameras: one with a wide zoom and the second with a telephoto zoom lens. The usual setup. We said hello, he asked about my camera, we parted. A friendly and long conversation for two photographers who meet while shooting in the field. Says something, perhaps, about people who become photographers.

A quick walk across Grand to look at the lake to find, as expected, little to nothing going on: the sun bright, the temperature nice, no goslings or interesting looking birds. Back to the apartment just to turn around and head out again, this time downtown thinking (as a convenient excuse) to find something for lunch.

A large group of school children were participating in a scheduled event of some kind in front of City Hall when I arrived and so I walked along the sidewalk on 12th Street to take a look, but decided finally to enter the City Center instead of crossing and exploring further. The City Center was still crowded at one-thirty in the afternoon and so I gave up there and walked farther on to the Peet's in the old APL building for a cookie and small coffee out at one of their tables.

Back through the City Center to pick up a box of Good & Plenty - my sugar and carbohydrate fix for the day now complete - and to pass on in front of City Hall, photographing what was left of the crowd and the tents and such that were still standing, most of the school kids now gone. Still have no idea what the event was about other than sports, exercise and chess. It did look eclectic and enterprising.

A bus home (where else?), more pictures of the construction site, just a quick walk up and down the sidewalk in front along Grand - click! click! - and now back at the apartment to listen to the PBS News Hour while processing photographs. We spend quite a bit of our time processing photographs.

Again, the day nice, the temperature nice, we'll work on the guitar and check out whatever's on television. I've had my naps, the blood pressure is OK, although I'm still not clear on what's needed to keep it to a set schedule (checking the blood pressure and then basing the the dose and schedule on the readings seems chancy).

Evening. Nothing on television until later and so a Netflix movie (not too bad for a change) and then a Danish detective series at nine, skipping a second episode that started at ten, all the while getting in a good long fingertip stinging session on the guitar. To bed to watch more of that Netflix movie on the tablet, getting to sleep later. Late. No gold star.

The photo up top was taken at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.