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May 23, 2014

Who Done It
Friday. To bed at eleven, to sleep much later, no excuses other than to say the Korean movie I was watching on the tablet was more interesting than I was expecting. Up with the alarm, no problem, off to breakfast on a grey and overcast morning, the weather forecast saying will be a partly cloudy with no chance of precipitation today. Not so sure right now from the look of those clouds.

Anyway, home, passing two big dump trucks waiting in line to pick up their loads from the apartment house construction site. More progress there and I'll obviously be checking it later. Yesterday's entry was in less than complete shape, more than the usual amount of work to get it halfway coherent, a plodding description of the quotidian events of the day, not dissimilar from others.

One might say exactly like the others.

One might say most anything around here.

Later. And yes, a walk by the construction site, a fairly large number of small scoop loaders and tractors digging trenches and moving dirt to be piled up and put on arriving trucks. Progress, I guess, although I'm seeing why the one contractor I talked with some time ago thought it would take eighteen months to two years to finish the entire project. Fair amount of work this building business.

Over to the lake. I'd again brought the 24-70mm lens instead of a telephoto in anticipation of birds and, of course, ran into the goslings drinking water out of a puddle by the white column pergola. Lots of people walking by, stopping to look and then walking on. Even with the shorter lens I was able to get close enough for pictures. The geese were keeping a close watch, the goslings didn't seem to notice or care there were people close by, one of them with a camera.

Late morning now, the sun out, no sign of the earlier grey skies, and so a picture of the construction site as I returned home to process the pictures and think about lunch. A bit fried so far this day, but otherwise sound. No ocular thoughts in the background, not too tired, although we'll take another crack at a nap before the next section.

Later still. An hour or so nap, some sleep somewhere there in the middle of it, up remembering I hadn't done the Protime test yet, so I did the deed and the little machine said the batteries were dead. The newly recharged batteries switched out with the old ones after the test last week were dead. Hmm. The batteries were good, I tried three different sets, but the machine said it didn't like them.

The company tech said the machine didn't like rechargeable batteries. Oh, OK. We'd changed the batteries last week thinking maybe the odd reading could be due to failing batteries. I still had the old set. Put them back in and the device came to life. The result this time, however, was at the other end of the scale, from too high to too low. I'm looking forward to the phone conversation later this afternoon when we decide what to do next.

So, a nap, an interesting struggle with an electronic device and now another evening approaches. Friday, there's television I'm able to watch on Friday nights and a guitar to play. Hey. Peace and happiness.

Evening. A New Tricks which I half understood as I was playing along on the guitar, its sound adding to the confusion of the accents. Fine. Two chapters of a Midsomer Murders, also with guitar accompaniment, but easily enough to understand. Good. Then, when another Danish detective thing called The Eagle after nine, I watched it until way too late and then bailed before they arrested/shot the bad guy at the end. I guess you can't remember how a program turns out if you don't watch it through to the end.

Probably not.

What the hell? Whether I watch it all the way through or halfway through, I'll still forget who done it in the end.

The photo up top was taken while passing by a reward for a missing dog flier posted along Grand near Lake Merritt this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.