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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 9, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out by ten, my lights soon thereafter, awakening at five forty-five to stall getting up to shave and such until we could set out at six-forty on another overcast, but not overly cold, morning. No watering eyes, no on the verge of being a runny nose.

Wandering off mentally here and there while walking, counting the number of American brand cars parked along Grand versus the number of foreign cars, something I've been doing for these last two days when I was struck by how many foreign brand cars there seemed in this area. Comes out to about one in five were American brand cars. I know Ford has talked about getting out of the sedan business, focusing on pickup trucks and SUV's, and the American vehicles I counted tended to be older sedans and newer pickups and SUV's. Not something they'd have forecast would happen in my teenage years in the fifties.


Just, you know, counting cars while walking to breakfast.

Had the French toast with sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, still a pound plus over the target on the scale this morning. Read the papers fairly quickly, as I'd pretty much covered the Iran thing yesterday on the news, and so set out for home at eight-thirty, the sky still overcast, but the mood good. Because I'd taken a double dose of the pain meds this morning after seeing how they'd helped yesterday when I'd done the same thing in the afternoon and the evening had gone well? We'll know soon enough.

You won't know. You've talked about this now for years and still don't have a clue.

And doodle-dee-do to you too.

Later. The head not so much in a bubble, but the usual lie down for a while before getting up to finish the thumbnails for the How Weird Street Faire and post the section to artandlife. So good. Done. Not the best set I've done for How Weird, but still, one or two good ones.

Listening to the news, still haven't gotten out for a walk, although the sun is out. A little cool out there, a high of sixty-five, but no excuses. Just a matter of getting that first step out the door and then the walking kicks in and takes over.

Evening. Not a bad day. Nothing on television this evening and so to bed and the tablet, the head relatively clear compared to recent days. Checked out the last fifteen minutes of Midsomer Murders, one I've seen before, thought about staying for the episode of New Tricks that followed, but turned the television off and went to bed instead.

Sunday's How Weird Street Festival taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.