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November 3, 2013

But A Whimper
Sunday. A bit spacey, this morning, getting up with an hour's more sleep, but having squandered it last night when I saw that KCSMMhz was running another new episode of the German cop program Arne Dahl at nine, even though they hadn't run it as they advertised they would at six. More of the channel changing to France 24 business.

I discovered after the fact it had caused me to miss Foyle's War that evidently played at nine as the Arne Dahl episode lasted until well after ten, but at least the world is now back in some order, even if my description of it isn't. In order. Or coherent.

Driving to breakfast I realized I'd packed everything needed except my reading glasses. I can survive without the sun glasses, the sun glasses more a habit than a need, but I can't comfortably read three Sunday papers without reading glasses, so I returned to the apartment to pick them up. Another memory glitch. Perhaps it's made me more sensitive to catching a small but obvious error in two of the HTML pages this morning, errors other than the ever present strange typos that have become pretty much endemic. Well, endemic enough to find one or two in every entry.

Still, what seems to be a sunny morning, a good day to finish what is now three sections of Fruitvale images, the same number of sections I was able to cobble together from last year's event. Good for me. Really.

Later. No thoughts of a nap. Not tired. Good. A long session to finish up the photographs, creating the images for the web. Now to create the thumbnails that link to the pictures and start creating the HTML pages that hold them. Easy enough, but that will take the rest of the afternoon.

A bit cool out there, probably should have worn a light jacket over the long sleeved shirt. A walk that ended up at the morning café after setting out thinking it was Saturday and I'd have a waffle with whipped cream on top at the Saturday farmers market. (The brain is indeed slowly going south.) A bun and a cup of coffee, no lemonade in this cool weather, but still having it outside at a table under a (pale) sun.

No complaints. A good day. Not sure what I'll manage for dinner, but more pictures now to get them done.

Later still. Good. The artandlife section is finished, converting them for HereInOakland is a comparatively simple task. A photo opportunity that results in three sections, over sixty photographs, is a full weekend's project. Wouldn't miss it even for a minute.

Evening. Nothing playing at six, although the station may run the program later at nine as they did last night. I'm not sure I should get into the habit of watching things that end after ten. Well after ten. Need to find something else to do that will give me an excuse to sit and play along on the guitar. Can't do that with Netflix on a computer or reading a novel. Not that I've been watching much Netflix or reading novels.

If that's the best you can manage maybe best you stop.

OK, Okay. Again, a good day, no need to spoil it. They did run the second half of that German mystery I'd watched last week at nine this evening and I watched for the first ten minutes before deciding to give it up. It hadn't been all that interesting last week and wasn't looking to become any more interesting tonight and so I went to bed. So much for all the sound and fury, I guess. Not with a bang but a whimper when they put him to rest.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.