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November 7, 2013

I'll Find Out
Thursday. To bed around eight-thirty last night to get to sleep not all that long after, awake with the alarm, but getting up ten minutes later. Not bad, still no need to feed the meter when I arrived for breakfast, a good day ahead.

The head is clear, the attitude good. Not sure what that means for the day ahead. I do need to pick up that prescription they had to contact the doctor on to refill, a good excuse to go downtown. Maybe a salad at the City Center. You have one of those ocular things like the one I had yesterday and maybe you start thinking odd thoughts of salads rather than ice cream and coffee, cup cakes and lemonade.

Later. A walk over to the lake thinking, well, I'm setting out a little early to catch the downtown bus, so I'll go over to the lake and see what can been seen before it arrives. Did that, returned to the stop, waited on the bus long enough to talk myself out of going downtown before it arrived.

OK, back to the apartment to do some of this and that, another walk down to the bus (we still have that prescription to pick up) in a long sleeved shirt and light jacket, again waiting, thinking this jacket is too warm, going to be even warmer when I get there, even the long sleeve shirt will probably be too warm and so arriving at a t-shirt stand off.

Yes, back to the apartment to sit here thinking, realizing, I'll probably be setting out again soon, but in a t-shirt this time, maybe carrying a camera with a different focal length lens. Odd sort of thoughts to be thinking, don't you think, in these days of retirement?

Later still. Three, of course, is a charm. Down to the bus stop again (with a different camera and lens) to actually catch the bus and get off at the City Center. A walk over to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs (nothing recreational about them, I'm afraid) and then back over to the City Center to sit at a table in front of a cup of coffee wondering if I were up for walking up Broadway or taking the bus that was right then due to arrive in but five minutes?

The bus arrived as I arrived at the stop, home now with the sun shining (warm even in a t-shirt), thinking, well, we certainly are feeling good this day (really!), so what maybe ahead? Something exotic? Play guitar? Watch/listen to the news?

Later still again. Things go well. I can generally tell it's true when I start looking around thinking maybe I could clean this room or put that bookcase in order. Don't have those thoughts without a lot of energy cooking around under there somewhere. Decided to take a long lens over to the lake to see if I could better photograph the cormorants. Not sure any of the photographs are better than one I took earlier this week, but I enjoyed the outing. Felt like I was taking pictures again.

Back now having gone through the mail that's been piling up this last week, throwing much of it out, sending in my KPFA subscription (sorry about that, KPFA, I seemed to have missed you last week) and just getting the computer desk arranged.

I take it you want a pat on the head for this?

Well, since we can't properly celebrate anymore with a glass of sake, a pat on the head would be nice.

Evening. Democracy Now for the moment. The underground press of our day. I guess I got hooked early on in college when it came into being with the war and everything. My own magazine would have developed a more political side if I'd been able to keep it going beyond that one year. Ah, well. In some ways, maybe most ways, there's nothing new under the sun.

Elementary at ten. I'll watch. I was reading an article about the TiVo player this morning in the paper. Record a program and then watch it later, the ability to skip through the ads. I could do that. Record it at ten and then watch it the next day after a decent night's sleep. Might take a look at one on Amazon. Right now.

The six o'clock foreign detective programs, now running on a sister channel three hours later at nine, is showing another episode of the ongoing cops gone over to the other side series I've been following, so I'll undoubtedly watch. The problem is another episode in the series starts at ten when Elementary begins. Will I be interested enough to continue with the cops, skip the Elementary cops, watch it tomorrow on the CBS web site? I have no idea, but I'll soon find out.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.