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November 11, 2013

A Good Front
Monday. To bed early again without having spent nearly enough time with the guitar. To sleep when? I don't really remember, but early enough, up a good thirty minutes after the alarm not remembering awakening and turning off the alarm. I know I set it, so I must have turned it off, but forgetting in just thirty minutes of sleep? I guess.

To breakfast and back, paying for thirty minutes on the parking meter to allow for running late, home now to finish the Veterans Day pictures. Not all that much more to do, so they'll be posted here within another couple of hours.

Not sure what the day holds otherwise. I've been feeling up over these last couple of weeks. I know it doesn't sound like it from the journal, but there's a certain stirring going on I'm hopeful about. Without jinxing it by talking about it. Better photographs ahead? Catching up on tasks put off for so long I flinch when I think of them? You never know. I never know. Here in Oakland.

Later. A bus downtown after finishing the photographs to pick up a vitamin refill. They've had me taking three different vitamins now for over a decade and sometimes I wonder if they really do any good, but I refill them like a dutiful little patient when they run out, all of them running out at different times of the month. A good excuse to go downtown. No complaints.

Anyway, a sit out at a table in the City Center with a cup of coffee and a bun having forgotten this is Veterans Day and indeed, many people seem to have taken it off. Many fewer people for a late weekday morning with one or two of the restaurants were closed. Well, a three day weekend. Hard to pass up.

A walk then back to the apartment taking a picture or two along the way. My exercise for the day. Maybe lunch later, maybe wait until dinner. We're still under our target weight in the mornings, it seems to be slowly slipping away, so no need to push. He said. Having had coffee and a chocolate bun for lunch.

Later still. It's been overcast, they were suggesting yesterday we might get some very light rain this afternoon. None so far into the late afternoon, doesn't matter if it does when the sun goes down. For me, anyway. We can use the water, we've had the lowest accumulation of rain on record so far this year.

A walk over along the lake under the overcast, noting the birds out on the lake, the cormorants in the far distance inhabiting all of the short floating booms that line the horizon. Another line at my end of the lake, they haven't roosted here in the past, maybe it's a flock moving through to somewhere else. Hard to say.

A young guy was making bubbles out in front of the white columned pergola so I had to take a couple of pictures on my way to the morning café for a BLT and a lemonade out on the patio. Inside in the early mornings to take advantage of the warmth and the large table, but outside in the daylight to take advantage of, well, my preference. I guess. Not sure of the what or why of that.

A walk back then to arrive home at three and process the photographs. I've been reading a couple of Photoshop books recently that have me wanting to learn more and I've been making progress. We'll see how we're doing at the end of the week.

Evening. Nothing on television so we're starting with the guitar, see if we can't catch up on losing yesterday to photographs. Not upset about losing to photographs, they don't get in the way all that often and, with winter coming, there will be fewer opportunities for photographs outside and around.

The TiVo arrived this afternoon. It's sitting on the television stand. The setup instructions look straight forward, but we'll find out tomorrow. I'm realizing, in addition to Elementary on Thursdays, some of the foreign mystery programs that come on later at nine might want recording too. Get to bed earlier, read more, arise with the alarm, start the day babbling: hup! hup! hup!

Hup, hup, hup!!??

It's hopeless, but we put up a good front.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.