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November 12, 2013

Got To Nine
Tuesday. Overcast with some light rain as I was leaving the apartment garage. It soon stopped, but evidently we did get some precipitation last night. Which is good, I guess, although it couldn't have been very much, the streets essentially dry and the sun now coming in through the sliding balcony door after breakfast.

Still, to bed at a reasonable hour last night (not too reasonable as it was after ten) having watched the hour long Scott & Bailey at nine, but deciding to skip the British detective series that followed. I debated, but opted for bed. We'd had a good day on guitar, why spoil it with a slow morning and a plodding lesson?

Anyway, to breakfast and back, feeling feisty, looking forward to finishing with here and getting on with the morning. Another good sign as there's been a long, less good, period that seems to have ended and we've turned a corner to the better now that's solid enough to risk hexing by mentioning it.

Later. A bus downtown to get out of the apartment, the sky overcast so wearing a sweater and a light jacket. Just coffee and a bun at a table in the City Center, nothing planned, a walk then most of the way back home before catching a bus by the lake on Grand.

An email from my guitar teacher asking to put the lesson off until Thursday in the afternoon, so no lesson today. Maybe for the best, we'll double down on practice. A nap to celebrate. Well, a nap. Up now in the mid-afternoon, the weather warmer, the sun out, the temperature in the low seventies. Arriving home earlier it had already gotten too warm for the sweater and the jacket and I'd hopped on that bus more to not break into a sweat.

A little tired, but again, the day goes well. The sinuses haven't really been hurting, the head has been clear, the attitude and (maybe) the ambition good. Let's see if we can't deviate from the norm before the day is over, so something on our list of tasks we've been putting off since Noah and the Flood.

Later still. The TiVo installation sequence has blown up twice in the middle of downloading data, so we'll put it aside and try again tomorrow. It has an interesting almost automated installation sequence made somewhat more complicated perhaps by the fact I have a Roku box and an Ethernet connection as well as wireless for the TiVo, so perhaps there were issues. Or setting up during an evening high network usage period is to be avoided. I have no idea.

Nothing on at six so we'll continue with the guitar.

Hmm. Nothing on at seven or eight and we've played enough guitar.

Nine. Somehow never quite got to nine.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.