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November 13, 2013

Do Tomorrow
Wednesday. To bed and to sleep by ten, up with the alarm without undue effort to head off to breakfast and back having taken a chance and eating a pork chop breakfast. Yes, I repeated my “please no seasonings whatsoever” for the waitress, but I was hungry and decided to gamble, forgetting perhaps the past too easily and the last time I'd had a reaction.

Anyway, home on a sunny morning on what's obviously going to be another seventy degree day to futz with yesterday's entry only to decide on a short nap to clear the head before I'd finished. That one pork chop? Probably not, none of the usual ocular symptoms and the nap lasted for less than an hour before getting up to finish the entry, post and get out of the apartment to doing something (I've done a thousand times before). Hup! We are good ( I guess) so far.

Later. A bus downtown to again have coffee and a bun outside at a table in the City Center but then walking to a nearby convenience store to pick up up a roll of Necco wafers and a box of Good & Plenty. Not enough sugar in the diet? I do watch this stuff, although I don't seem to do anything about it.

Necco wafers?

Weird, isn't it? I remember them in Seattle when I was seven years old and ate them while walking in the rain. Odd things to remember.

And so a walk back to Grand along Broadway to wait on a bus for the rest of the way. We'll call it our exercise for the day. I was thinking of printing recent photographs and then maybe updating my camera insurance, something I've been putting off for too long. Much longer and I'll have to admit to stupidity in public. Thoughts while sitting at a bus stop. No danger they'll come to pass.

Nice t-shirt weather now the it's after the noon hour though, maybe another walk later to look for something for lunch.

Later still. A couple more TiVo installation attempts, finally getting it through the setup process to find you need to go online and “activate” an account. At $14.95 per month. OK, in for a nickel, in for a dime, but I'll be interested to see what I get for the monthlies when the activation takes effect. They're saying it takes up to 24 hours. It's a nice device, but have I been stupid? More so than my norm? Twice now within these last twenty-four hours?

And yes, we did walk to the morning café for a chicken salad sandwich (no onions) and lemonade. We skipped the ice cream. Home now as we think about the guitar and listening to the afternoon news. It seems there's been a disastrous typhoon landfall in the Philippines and issues with the Affordable Care Act web interface. Or did you know that? You did. Time, perhaps then, to make an end.

That was lame.

It's been an odd day for someone who keeps saying they're going better.

Evening. The TiVo is up and running. It's located a number of stations through the rabbit ear antenna that I weren't available on the old setup, none of which however I think I'd ever watch, but for some reason it says it sees, but doesn't receive the two that now run the twenty-four hour French news service and the various foreign detective/mystery programs now at nine. I've been thinking I might like to record some of those starting at nine programs so I could watch them the next day. Or whenever.

So. I'm not too sure about my TiVo adventure at the moment. We'll see what else it does. It receives the various subscription services I had through the Roku box - Amazon and Netflix the main ones - which is good, but then I already have the Roku box (that I stopped using) for those. Complicated, this Internet entertainment century.

To bed early, we have a guitar lesson tomorrow. The new chord change I believe I have down, so we'll see how we do tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.