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November 14, 2013

I'll Stay Up
Thursday. To bed early again, but a fitful period trying to get to sleep and so up a good hour and a half after the alarm to take the bus to breakfast on a cold and overcast morning. We don't really have a fall here, so maybe winter has arrived. A California winter, of course, not many complaints, we aren't completely unaware in this world.

A large breakfast, two pounds under our target weight on the scale this morning, so we haven't thrown caution to the wind. I've been harboring the thought of losing three additional pounds as it would (I think) put me at a better weight, but we'll take it slowly, approach with caution.

A walk back to the apartment passing the solitary and solemn looking birds silhouetted out on the lake. No warmth huddled together on the dark cold water, I'd think, but maybe there's a psychological lift. I do understand their motive if they're indeed on their way south and, if you're a bird after all, why not nest in a no chills Beverly Hills or a spot high up on a Hollywood lot?

Time for this to stop.

Later. A walk to the ATM on Lakeshore and then back around to the morning café for a pastry, ice cream and lemonade out on the patio, the sky still overcast, but now with a spot of sun. I just needed to get out, I was hungry, and so the walk, remembering to take a photo of the last remaining bunch of pandorea flowers as I was leaving. They too know winter's coming soon.

Later still. Getting home from lunch I had but fifteen minutes to get it together for the guitar lesson, driving over and getting lucky in finding a parking spot near the house. Not always the case, finding a spot right off, and I'd taken a chance by passing two empty slots I've had to settle for in the past. Luck was with us right up to the time we started to play.

OK, I'm obviously not practicing against a fast enough beat, the chord changes today were not executed well, the strumming a bit wild (and aggressive) and so we'll up the beat and manage what we can with the hand. Less aggressive he said. OK. More of the song to learn in the new lesson, we'll start this evening with a fresh approach. He said. Confidently. Late now in the afternoon.

Evening. I had considered going by the supermarket driving home, but decided my interest had more to do with sake than food, more a learned reflex than any desire to play with fire. Or, more accurately, play tomorrow with a foggy head if such would be the result. And I suspect that would have been the result.

Elementary this evening at ten, the ostensible reason I picked the TiVo unit being to record it and play it back later after a decent night's sleep. What's the guess on whether I'll stay up or go to bed?

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.