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November 21, 2013

Thursday. To bed just after eight to read an article in the new Harper's and then get to sleep early, getting up an hour and a half after the alarm. Late to arise, but a good night's sleep, let's see how the day now plays.

A safe mixed fruit, waffle with fruit, toast and coffee breakfast after feeding the meters, no need to duplicate yesterday's pork chop mendacity. There's sun now, maybe we'll get lucky and it will stick around for the rest of the day and through the weekend.

We need rain, a lot more rain for the rest of the year, if we're to dodge the rationing bullet. Given climate change it makes you suspect we're in for a long stumbling line of water shortages, but no need to think about that. Not today. Best not to think years ahead, best to take care of the here and now and let the grandkids fry in hell when we're no longer around.

Later. A nap of sorts, which was nice, nice in the sense there were no ocular elements about it, just lie down and listen to the radio for a while, let whatever remaining wisps of sleep evaporate away. We have our guitar lesson coming up at three, still time to get up, walk to lunch and still put in half an hour of play before heading out.

It is clear and sunny. A bit cold, so we wore the long sleeved shirt, sweater and light jacket in walking to the usual place. Warm enough to sit out on the patio and have a pastry, ice cream and lemonade. I don't think I've had issues yet with any of these, although I keep an eye on the ice cream. They say disconcerting things about ice cream in the health sections of newspapers.

They say many disconcerting things in the health sections of newspapers.

And I subscribe to three.

Later still. A bit of a dry mouth setting off for the lesson. A bit. So I suspect the ice cream. I had this back of the mind suspicion when I gave it a pass earlier as I suspect one or two or more past incidents have hinted at, well, problems. My problems. So we'll go easy in the future (how many times have I said such?) and share some of the suspicion with the pastry that accompanied it. Although I'm not sure what was inside it.

The lesson went reasonably well. A new Dylan song for next week, moving our lesson back to Tuesdays, this coming Thursday would have been changed anyway. So back to Tuesdays. Best to practice with but five short days this coming week.

Evening. Two Inspector Lewis programs starting at eight and running until eleven. I'm not sure if I've seen them before, hard to tell from the schedule, but if I haven't I'm sure I'll watch. Hard to get excited about breaking the rule so soon after saying you're making it when you feel level headed and rested while making a decision. We'll see.

You've forgotten Elementary is on at ten?

I have. Had. It is indeed Thursday. Complicated, these little memory blips. The typos, odd word constructions and wandering into incomprehensible places and blank walls are bad enough, but we'll add the day of the week to the list. Thursday. Hmm.

Democracy Now has been covering the climate change congress in Warsaw this week. Seems it hasn't been going well. Another one of these looming disasters that's not going to happen until tomorrow and no one is willing to deal with it today. More odd than scary and it is in itself scary enough.

I think you've said enough.


The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Veterans Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.