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November 22, 2013

But Not Quite
Friday. I watched both of the Inspector Lewis programs last night and will catch up with Elementary later this afternoon or evening. Which means I got to bed at eleven and got up with the alarm feeling just fine. It will undoubtedly remind me of my transgression later today, but right now I feel like a regular sort of person with things he'd like to get done. Well, nothing special, just, you know, take a walk, take a picture and take the day in stride.

Later. And so the dry mouth appears and I flake out in bed for a while. Not tired, wasn't tempted to go to sleep, but I have nothing really to blame it on. Yes, I had a waffle with butter and syrup this morning for a change, but not much butter and not much syrup and the side dish of fruit that always arrives with breakfast, a thank you for coming in every day from the café. Which is good.

A walk then over to the lake to take a picture or two. A little foggy, the head not quite screwed on, so back to the apartment to settle out. To lie down again for a bit. Not tired, didn't try for sleep, but lying down seems the only way to tame this particular beast.

Anyway, a quick go over of the living trust documents, a walk out the door and down to the document shop to drop it off, one small item to go over with my sister and it will be done. A bus from the shop on to the downtown to have another fruit cup - pineapple and strawberries in the mix this time - and coffee. No sugar in the coffee, which is the norm, except at this particular place where I've been in the habit of adding it. But we're taking no chances for the afternoon.

A walk to Grand and then a bus home. A little rocky with the dry mouth that continued throughout the trip downtown, but now it's gone and I'm feeling, well, pretty good. The early mornings, the afternoons and the evenings are generally swell, it's just this damned late morning, early afternoon that, well, sucks. Not a lot, but enough.

A good long guitar session yesterday, a good long session today and we'll be in good shape. I usually say this same thing right after every lesson, and they're it's true, I do get in some good long sessions after the lesson, but they often as not don't hold through the weekend. We have a lesson this Tuesday and so we'd better step up. Hup.

You sound like a little kid complaining about his piano lessons.

Maybe, but I've noticed this guitar business of mine is moving along, the sounds I'm making are closer to sounds you might expect from a guitar. Surprising. To me, at least.

Later still. Nothing I've wanted to watch on television, so to bed early to do a little reading (a very little reading), listen to the radio (to find nothing of interest) and then to sleep. Early. Just like that. You'd think it was no big deal what with all the fuss I've been making of it. Fussing over nothing? Well, close, but not quite.

The photo up top was taken last week along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.