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November 11, 2017

After 2013

Saturday. Lights out early to then awaken at five forty-five. Well, I finally gave in to say I was awake at five forty-five, but the argument started at five. So much for lights out after eight. Still, reasonably clear skies, delaying long enough in getting ready to head out walking to breakfast until just after six-thirty, to arrive at the restaurant just after it opened.

Usually there are far fewer people on the sidewalk on Saturdays, as the fitness club for one doesn't open until later, and so surprised to see a large crowd gathered by the lake at the white column pergola. This has happened before, a gathering for a race in support of one charity or another, perhaps something to do with Veterans Day today, and so a picture with the idea of returning later after breakfast to see what the gathering was for.

Had the Eggs Benedict breakfast, read the papers and headed on back home, still quite a few people by the lake, but fewer than earlier. Took the usual pictures walking home, took one final shot of the covered trench at the parking lot, did the usual editing and posting to yesterday's entry and then crashed for an hour when the dry mouth, fuzzy headed crap developed and put me down. Breakfast?

Yes, a walk finally to the lake to see if there was still a crowd, tents and tables and such at the lake, but found all of it packed and gone. Hungry, but no desire to go get something for lunch and so back to the apartment to vegetate (for the rest of the day?).

Later. The head seems to have cleared up by the early afternoon, the “dry mouth” thing passing. Doesn't sound all that over the top, “dry mouth”, but it comes with additional side effects that make a lie down and close the eyes necessary to let it pass by. It does.

Evening. Television and tablet and, while watching a French movie on the tablet, an ocular migraine event came on to put me into outer space for about an hour, lying down with eyes closed wondering where it had come from. Other than from outer space, as what I'd eaten so far today didn't seem to be the culprit. That Canadian bacon at the base of the Eggs Benedict somewhat problematic as it had earlier today.

Maybe take a look at what happened the last time you've eaten them?

Sensible thought. I did look up the start time and place for the Veterans Day Parade again and saw it was starting down the Embarcadero in the Fisherman Wharf area and not on Market. When had it moved from Market? Maybe it's the reason, other my flaking out and bailing, that stopped my posting picture after 2013?

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon 1 V1 mounted with a 32mm f 1.2 Nikon 1 Nikkor lens.