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November 12, 2017

Me Up

Sunday. Not the best, not the worst of days yesterday, but lights out early again to awaken at five minutes before six on a clear morning under a clear, soon to be sunny sky and so why not just start out with idea things will go just fine? Sir? Indeed. Why not?

This is to prepare us for the usual descent into disaster? Funkiness? Complaining?

Actually not. Up and out the door to drive to breakfast. The waitress opening the restaurant was late again and so waited something like ten to fifteen minutes. Another employee they evidently don't trust with a key, who also arrives early on Sundays, was waiting outside the door as he often does for whomever to arrive. Still, the day starts well.

Had the hamburger patty for breakfast along with eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee and, after getting home and having a lighter weight than yesterday's dry mouth appear, I decided to concentrate on plain waffles and fruit, oatmeal and the like for the while and see if that stops this dry mouth business.

And how many times have you said that now in the past?

Anyway, ate, read the papers and drove home to futz with yesterday's entry before posting. Odd little glitches made yesterday's post need quite a bit of fixing and posting the pages turned out to be more complicated that it should have been. I made mistakes of a kind I can't say how I made them, which gives me a chance there was a computer glitch of some kind. Again, the dry mouth, but not so many of the usual side effects that shouldn't have caused the glitches.

This is drifting. Doesn't really make the sense you'd like to convey.

We'll edit later when the head is clearer. Nice sunny day, but we're starting before we're firmly seated in the saddle.

Later. The dry mouth passed by quickly. Good. Some television and then a walk over to the lake thinking I'd heard a crowd in the distance, but it turned out not to be the fact. There were lots of people on the grass on blankets, a small volunteer group of artists mounting an image on one of the trash containers and a fellow scanning the area by the pergola with a metal detector. A first for metal detectors. The one picture that halfway turned out was the fellow with the metal detector and it wasn't up to snuff.

The eyes had trouble focusing when first out. Not inside, but going outside it takes them twenty, thirty minutes to start focusing quickly enough. This, in addition to the sinus-upper palate problem - the dose of pain meds I'd taken an hour before not seemingly having an effect - made the walk a short one and I spent most of the time sitting on a bench in the sun watching people walk by. Home then. Hungry, but no desire to go get anything to eat. We can do this later, maybe actually go grocery shopping and ease off on this always eating out.

So, a nice day, the temperature quite comfortable in a long sleeved shirt, would have been just fine if I'd been wearing a t-shirt in the direct sun, and so (what else?) we'll sit inside and futz around. At least futzing around gets the things needing doing done.

Some of the things needing doing.

Well, yes, but it's not as bad around here as people may think. Inside the vision is solid and clear, the sinus-palate thing seems a little better, now that we're two hours after taking those meds and, well, that's good enough.

Evening. No second visits by the ocular beast. Actually feel pretty good, watching two Elementary episodes I've seen before, but couldn't remember who'd done the deed until the end. To bed and the tablet now, I think. Nothing on television to keep me up.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2013 Veterans Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.