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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 6, 2019


Wednesday. Lights out not long after nine to get up briefly twice to take a leak (far better than the four times last night), then awakening at five-thirty. OK, ease into the morning, listen to the five minute KPFA news before six to see if they had any of the vote totals for Kentucky and Virginia before Democracy Now! followed.

Overcast and a bit foggy walking to breakfast and not overly cold, although the eyes were watering, to arrive at the usual time before seven to find the restaurant had just opened and so entered the dining area, turned on the lights and settled in with the papers. The blood pressure had been 124/67, some thirty-six hours since I'd taken that med.

The eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, finishing up by a quarter to nine to set out under still cloudy skies (with the eyes watering like crazy), finding one flower below the school and the usual line of Lime scooters on the sidewalk by the lake, home to take the selfie and settle in with the computer.

Checked FedEx to see when the monitor card would arrive, but evidently they're sitting on it at their local office and won't deliver it until tomorrow. Bummer. Been sitting there since yesterday.

Later. An email from Netflix saying someone had signed into my account from San Paulo, Brazil. Oh. Changed the password and re-logged in with the computer and the iPad. Checked the credit card to make sure there was no unusual behavior, although they could see my card number in the Netflix account, but can't access the sign-in information they'd need to use it. Strange, this new world. Still, what happened there?

The blood pressure is now 118/70 and so there's no need to take another dose of the med. Tried to talk myself out of an ATM run for half and hour, but took a bus during the noon hour to the Broadway ATM and then walked back to the apartment, a decent walk and now with the ATM taken care of for another week. Again, the don't go out attitude evaporates the minute I get out the door and hit the street.

Evening. Another blood pressure reading: 144/66. Hmm. Took another med, this now being two full days since the last time it took it the evening of the fourth, maybe a good idea, maybe not.

A look at Midsomer Murders at eight, a look was enough, and so to bed again not long after eight. Lights out by nine, my lights out by about nine-thirty, give or take.

The 2015 Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival taken with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.