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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Oakland City Center concert

October 12th, 2003

Knock On Wood
Well, here we have it. This has been the best vertigo free, funky head free day in more than a year. And I don't have to go to work tomorrow. If I wasn't expecting to lose my job next year I'd go out and buy a car. I'm thinking another lens for the little F3 that I like to carry around when I'm not out "shooting" in full photographer mode. The mood to spend money. The American idea of happiness. I'll keep putting it in the bank and run some photographs, clean up the desk (drudgery, I know, but a sign of energy and optimism) and set up some of this equipment I own and shoot some photographs. Maybe even a photograph of Emmy. (My cat? You may recall I have a cat whom I really have yet to photograph?) Yes, I've had my two drinks for the evening and I feel just fine, thank you, clear headed (but for the two shots of whiskey and water) and ready to, well, say hello to the world. Hello world.

Hello, Prop.

The photograph was taken near Seattle on Puget Sound.