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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Demonstrator near Oakland City Center

October 13th, 2003

With Me Later
A lazy day, this Monday. A nap in the morning after breakfast down at the usual cafe and then over to Safeway to pick up some things for this coming week. When's the last time I really cooked anything? Nothing ambitious, but I was thinking as I was passing the onions, well, I could put together something a little special with some onions and herbs in a sauce pan for the chicken. Nah, we'll think about it later. I dropped off the film I shot Friday at the new film shop and then on a whim ordered a 16 by 20 inch custom enlargement of a recent photograph. I'd run an 8 x 10 and then a 16 by 20 here last night on my photo printer and they look pretty good, I'm curious to see if (for $50) they can do better. Well, how much better. When's the last time I futzed with a print or thought in terms of having it framed? A long time.

A sign you're feeling better?

I'm realizing whatever this is I've had these last two years has one hell of an impact on my life. There's a series of physical things that have gone out of whack, things I've assumed were unrelated, all of which now seem to be improving albeit slowly. I'm telling myself this, but I don't quite believe it yet, knock on wood. Maybe they are related. Maybe they're just, you know, regrouping for the holidays, gearing up for an end of year push, but I'm going with the thought they're on their way out and I can start thinking again in terms that have more than a week's horizon. What cha doin next week daddy? Can't say, baby, but maybe later.

Later. In the day. A thought to go see the new Coen brothers film after dinner, but I crapped out at the last minute. Watch the news, listen to the news, I'm all news'd out. No thought to go out, no thought to stay in. Very good, however, not to be in the office.


I'm just doing my "what the fuck" routine, the routine I've been doing since I started this journal. Not a bad routine, not altogether uncomfortable. Tomorrow will be another day and I'll be up for something. I'm always up for something in the morning, if only for breakfast.

The photograph was taken of a demonstrator at a rally in front of the federal buildings overlooking Oakland City Center.