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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Oakland City Center Gay Pride Fesitval

October 15th, 2003

Say Otherwise?
OK, another day, the old fart is in and open for business, business today being to pick up the portrait contact sheets, get the oil changed, wash the car and then drop some negatives off at a shop over in Berkeley for prints. All with ringing ears and an aching head. No vertigo, though. Well, not much. Ringing ears, sinuses clear, but the nose aching/tingling. (More than tingling, but not really hurting as aching might imply. Sorta like portions of your head turning to cement. A stuffed nose feeling without it being stuffed, pressure in the ears.) I'm OK, you understand, but I'm not OK (you understand), and it seems to go on and on. Where do I go now?

Gilroy this Thursday and Friday, for one, to visit friends. I've been to Gilroy before, but not for a while, not since the last time I went to Laguna Seca back in the Napa era, so I don't really remember how long the drive. Still, plenty of time and driving has not been a problem. Aching/tingling does not get in the way of traffic. Aching/tingling gets in the way of shooting photographs and writing. It doesn't make work any easier, but it's not been a problem. Everybody's dizzy at work. Vertigo is the least of our issues.

Later. It's always later. The car is washed, the oil changed, the portrait negatives in hand (a reminder I need the studio lights and practice) and I'm thinking about driving to Berkeley to order the prints. Maybe I'll do that in the morning. What to say otherwise?

The photograph was taken at a Gay Pride festival at the Oakland City Center with the Nikkor 70 - 200 f2.8 lens.