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October 8, 2010

We'll See
Friday. I got to bed early, got up early without the alarm, the head feeling reasonably good. After yesterday anything would be described as “reasonably good”, but I'll at least say much better than the fates have allowed these last many months. The lungs are still quiescent, but there's no guarantee they'll so remain. Whatever allergies I had - have - were nothing like what I'm guessing were the side effects caused by the medications designed to cure them. But we'll see. “A shot in the dark.” “A leap of faith.” “A throw of the dice.” Lot's of metaphors to choose from. Can't lose these battles every time, now can we? Sometimes we win? Please?

We'll see. As I said, up early before the alarm, to breakfast early with the papers, allowing time to go through them without hurry, back now at eight. My interminable journal screed of the 6th needs more work, needs editing, and I may get around to it, but yesterday was not a day to play with words. A day, perhaps, to leave well enough alone, although I did both receive and install that hard drive that arrived from B&H. I was winging it, knew without being totally certain the drives in this machine were SATA drives, so I'd ordered a really fast SATA drive without checking to be sure that was the needed item and there was space inside.

The gods were with us. The drive dropped in, no problem, and Windows 7, sitting on my book shelf now for over a month, installed without a hitch. The 64 bit installation which turned out though to have an interesting kicker. They talk about backing up all your data using a utility they provide. Back it all up to another hard drive and then, once the operating system has been upgraded, move all of it back to where it was.

Well, I thought using a brand new clean hard drive took care of the backup problem except Windows 7 64 bit doesn't recognize the data on any of the other four hard drives in the computer, but it does recognize files on the network drive and on the drive attached by a USB cable. Or is it the Firewire cable?. Evidently their utility doesn't just “back it up” but transforms it into a form that Windows 64 will recognize. I haven't lost the data, booting to the old Windows XP drive lets you see it, but Windows 7 doesn't. Won't. Can't.

So today, what the hell, no problem, we'll try Windows 7 32 bit. Pretty exciting stuff, don't you think, after yesterday? That long, drawn out yesterday of no energy, of walking down to the usual palce finally to have lunch instead of breakfast (lunch consisting of a waffle and a Coke) at a pace just a tad faster than standing still? I didn't feel all that wretched, just tired. Just bone dead tired. It got better as the day went along and I addressed the Windows 7 thing and the new hard drive, but late in the day and then slowly, at my own glacial pace. Strange. I'd say interesting if there wasn't always a chance there's a very down downside to this stuff. Not something I'm thinking about, but, you know how it goes.

Later. A walk down the hill to catch a bus arriving ten minutes too early, so a walk along Grand taking a picture or two before it caught up with me opposite Children's FairyLand, a cup of coffee out on the patio in front of Peet's, a picture or two just because (again) it's something you do, a walk then to a bus stop down the way on Broadway and back to the apartment.

Things are holding together, although I've managed a cough or two and there's some looseness in the lungs. I hope that's a passing, not to be fretted over thing, but we'll see, we'll see. I can live with a cough or two, that being the thought when I stopped the inhalers. Anyway, laundry in the washing machines at the moment, an indication I'm feeling better I'd think.

Some thoughts now on keeping the 64 bit installation of Windows, as they say it does make photo manipulation and such go faster. I'll need to add more RAM to the system to take advantage of it, but that's a lot easier than adding a hard drive.

Later still. Laundry done, programs added to the Windows 7 64 bit installation, so I guess I'm going with it at least for a while. A long list of programs that need to be installed, fewer than I have on the old XP installation, but still, a bunch. Device drivers, print drivers and such. Hi, ho, away we go, stumbling ever onward.

The lungs seem OK, the head is OK, happy to have avoided the various inhalers so far. But we'll see, we'll see.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Autumn Moon Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens.