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October 9, 2010

Around Here
Saturday. I notice little things that I miss. Forgetting to change the day for the next journal entry, two Thursdays in a row, for example. A small mistake perhaps, but still, I've been doing this journal now since 1998 and you'd think I'd have the routine permanently etched into the frontal lobes. Any change in routine, though, any hurry opens it up to error. Nothing too important, these things happen, they're not out of control, nothing more than anyone else goes through at this age from what I'm hearing, but still, but still.

I take it you caught one of the double day errors just now.

Of course. There are others I'm catching more often, but that's one that's obvious.

Up an hour later than usual, but out to breakfast and the papers, back now just after eight. The lungs seem to be good, this the third day now since I've quit the allergy medications, a good night's sleep, the foot cramps seem to have gone away. The allergist said they were caused by the medications, but it's nice to have that confirmed. No waking up in the middle of the night having to walk off a foot cramp is good. We look for our goods. Goods are good.

No picture opportunities this weekend. It's Fleet Week in San Francisco and I may go over to see what Fleet Week is about. Air shows over the city and such. Displays along the wharf. Might go there, might not. The day is clear, the sun is bright, they're saying highs in the low seventies. Nice fall weather for a Californian. And I am a Californian, I would guess, after forty years. Born in Seattle, yes; my late grade school and high school years in Westchester County in New York, both real at the time, both now but faded memories of another life in another universe. I do get up to Portland and Seattle often enough, but they're places I visit, not places I'm from.

My comfort level so far with Windows 7 has been positive, by the way. I haven't gotten under the hood yet, discovered how it handles file folder security and the like (Vista drives you up the wall with this stuff), if it's at all intuitive for someone who's used XP to excess. It boots quickly, which is nice, and so far hasn't given me anything to complain about. But, as I said, I'm just starting. Let's see what happens when I add a bunch of memory, see if it makes a difference. After working with this old virus riddled version of XP maybe anything would look better, even Vista. No. I didn't say that. Vista, which still sits on my laptop, would have revealed its evil self on this computer by now and I'd be complaining. I would.

Later. A walk down to the local computer store to buy more RAM. Installed the RAM, seems to work. Updated the SCSI drivers for my SCSI controller and now I can see all my old data files again. Progress. This kind of thing can go on forever. I feel like a digital thermometer continuously giving readings, little shouts. Stop already.

Later still. A nap. Not much of a nap, but I needed a nap, feeling almost as tired as I felt on the day I stopped taking the allergy medications. Does that mean they didn't cause the weariness? Hell, who knows? We are indeed going around in circles and I'm getting dizzy. Ditsy.

My Clipper card came in the mail. Good. I went to their web site and connected it to my credit card, telling it to add twenty dollars every time it went down below a balance of ten. I then went to add a bus pass for next month, one of the main reasons I got the thing in the first place, allowing me to skip going to their local office to get a sticker every month. It seems they have a monthly pass available for the San Francisco buses, but not for Oakland's. OK. They say they're about to add the feature for Oakland pretty soon, so good. I wish they hadn't said it was available in their brochure.

The card is still good for BART and all the San Francisco Muni cars, trains and buses, and that's good. More to follow. Still, no monthly pass for Oakland We spin our wheels again and again, but do make progress. Small but real progress.

OK, writing here now the motor seems to be starting. Less tired. It's four in the afternoon, still some day left. I'd go to a movie if I were much into going to movies anymore. I'll think about it, which means I won't do it. Some practice on the guitar. That becomes harder. I assume just a phase as I continue to see progress. Progress of a kind that makes me think I'll be a rock star in no more than another decade. What was it I said? Progress? Small, but real?

You are going around in circles here. Tired, burned out?

Burned out? Do you get burned out sitting around writing the same damned journal entry every day? Taking the same walk? I'll mull that over, cool out, but I wonder. There's more software to load on this new operating system. Printer software, printer drivers, crap you can't imagine, crap I'm sure I'll forget. Microsoft Outlook (ugh!). One or two others. We'll load them and call it a day. It brings back the last time I changed the system on this thing. It can go on for weeks. Around here anyway.

The photograph was taken at Jack London Square with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens.