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October 10, 2013

Do Our Best
Thursday. Another “I'm not sure I got any sleep last night” morning. Was I really mostly awake for an hour or two after I got to bed (and turned off the radio and turned out the lights) or is that “light” sleep that counts in the overall total? It does seem to have gone by quickly looking back at it the next morning. I suspect it isn't really sleep, didn't go all that quickly, but then I really don't know.

Anyway, up with the alarm to head out to breakfast, stopping by the supermarket on the way back, successfully avoiding the sake section. Maybe I've learned a lesson. Home now with the laundry well underway. Easy when it actually happens, a five minute trip downstairs to get the washers going, another couple of five minute trips to take another two loads down and move them through the washers and driers. Trivial stuff, trivial tasks, just as trivial as so many other tasks I've been avoiding for these last months and in some cases (I'm afraid) years.

Nice day out there, though. We'll see if we can't do something with it when the laundry is done.

Later. Too easy, somehow, today's laundry. It seems to have just gotten itself done: washed, dried, folded and hung. Probably won't make the next iteration easier, but interesting if nothing else to experience.

A bus downtown to have a cup of coffee and a bun out at a table in the City Center. Seems to work. I hadn't generated enough interest or perhaps energy to then walk on to the Old Oakland area or farther on to the Asian Cultural Center for ice cream, but that may come one day. Who knows? A walk then back to the apartment, stopping on the way to pick up a small box of Good & Plenty. Licorice. Seems I still like licorice (encrusted with sugar and in small amounts).

Nothing in the way of pictures other than to remind myself to make a brightness adjustment the next time I take a picture in the City Center under a direct sun. Easy to do, not make an adjustment, but best to remind yourself, makes you feel you're regular photographer who's engaged enough to pay attention.

You're drifting again.

Yeah. Nice afternoon. Maybe a nap before we pick up the guitar and turn on the news.

Later still. A nap of sorts, let the various bubbles, ticks and heart beats come into rhythm. No sleep, maybe, but a tune-up of sorts. Now for the guitar. We've been listening to the news. Drives you to wanting to listen to almost anything else after a while, the news. Does that around here anyway.

Oh, right. Remembered today is the weekly blood test. Prick the fingertip, dribble the blood onto the plastic strip that's been inserted into the little electronic device and then wait while it calculates the number. The number looks good. Call the automated system and key in the information, wait for a call around five from a live person at the cardiologist's office saying all is swell, repeat next week.

I forget these now and again, not something that's uncommon as they have another system in place to give you an automated call on the day after as a reminder. Probably a good test of the memory. How many times will I forget the day in say another few years? Something to look forward to? Something to discover?

Babble, babble.

Evening. Nothing worth watching at six, other than the last half of Democracy Now, particularly the pieces on the crushing of dissent world wide and here in the States. But then that's been a bug-a-boo of mine since I was a teen. Some things don't change. A leopard and his spots.

Time on guitar and early to bed? We'll do our best.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.