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October 11, 2013

He Said
Friday. I did watch Elementary last night. Maybe better to have waited and watched it a day or two later on their web site, skipped the late night viewing, the story line a bit thin or “thinner” than usual, the subject a play on computer hackers and a “bad guy” character with similarities to an Assange or a Snowden. We are not altogether down on Assange or Snowden, at least in what they've accomplished. But hi-ho, to bed last night at eleven.

Awake with the alarm, but up finally three hours of sleep later to walk to breakfast and read the morning papers. Overcast, a bit nippy, but nice, the sun now out and the clouds clearing around eleven. Friday, no BART strike if it's going to happen at all until Monday, so the train will be there to take me to photograph the Berkeley Sunday Streets tomorrow.

Later. A walk outside thinking I'd do this or do that only to turn around and return to the apartment. No urges to take a nap so I sat down and watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest on Netflix. Another Swedish woman under fire (that I rather enjoyed this time), although it ended up again with her finding herself cooped up and alone in an abandoned warehouse with a serial killer.

At least she, albeit surprised, hadn't gone there knowing danger could be waiting and she “nailed” the fellow to the floor instead of getting herself shot in the head as she'd managed to do in the movie that preceded it. But then I suspect (for most of the movie going world) this is old news, having long since seen it.

Downloaded the sheet music for this week's guitar lesson, Maggie May, an old favorite. Reminds me of Ms. K as we were together and then apart in the very early seventies when it was released. I figure I'll learn both the lead and the rhythm guitar parts and downloading and printing the music was the first step in the commitment.

The attitude is good, the day nice (although I haven't been outside for other than breakfast and the short jaunt I'd attempted earlier), the sinuses and such behaving.

Evening. Another repeated French detective episode at six so we futzed with the guitar and discovered the Maggie May lead may be more difficult to wrap our little fingers around than we'd at first imagined. The chords are easy enough, although the sheet music chords are somewhat more complex than those assigned on my hand written assignment. But we'll see. The melody, well, if that's the melody I'm in trouble. Let's hope these one or two go throughs are not enough to judge.

He said.

He said.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Grand near Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.