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October 13, 2013

Announced An Outcome
Sunday. To bed around nine to read the first fifty or so pages of the Eggers book, getting a feel for where the story was going. OK. So far, so good. Anything that can get me reading is good anymore, even my recent spate of Maigret's. Be nice if it were to continue, saying that of course, with no real hope it will. Still.

Awake before the alarm again, up and out the door without a problem, the Sunday papers taking somewhat more time to read than I usually allow, but they're Sunday papers, after all, and the meters aren't running. Not sure why gas prices dropped a dime over yesterday this morning. Might think about going in and filling the tank. For the moment. Right now before I forget.

The Berkeley Sunday Streets starting at noon. The sun is out, the sky is clear and the head feels pretty good. The attitude is up, anyway. I suspect we'll make do.

Later. Didn't think I could do a nap, but a nap, none the less, an hour of actual sleep. Or an hour that went by without my noticing, if that can be considered “actual” sleep.

Anyway, a bus to the 19th Street BART station. I had another “do I really want to go to this” conversation as I was leaving, although I was feeling quite good. No similar thoughts once I was on the bus and BART and then out on the street in Berkeley, again, feeling just fine, but the question does arise: why are we dragging our heels? Who knows? I don't.

Anyway, a walk up and down the length of the affair taking the odd shot as I was able to find it. A good long session that's resulted in (I'm guessing after a quick run through) some two sections of photographs as it did last year, although I never really know until I've finished. We'll say two sections and then just do them. Hup!

A train then back to 19th Street and a walk all the way home having missed the bus by some five or ten minutes. No complaints, the legs a little tired as I was pumping up my hill, but they settled out in a few minutes and the head is clear, the eyes are clear (no creeping double vision) and the attitude remain well. Viable. Just like that. Yesterday was funky, today much better. No way to tell when one will come, but again, we are grateful. (More hups!)

To work then on the photographs, a good long session ahead. We'll get in the guitar as we will. (Hup!)

Evening. A long session on the photographs. Yes, I have two sections worth of photographs, but just. No complaints. No one or two pictures that will stop the world in its tracks, but these things happen. We'll persevere (and post them tomorrow).

Nothing on television. Made it a point to watch Moyers & Company, being a member of the liberal effete just because. Requires that I sit next to the guitar stand to watch and so I tend to play along. Gets the lesson going, keeps the finger callouses tough.

To bed at ten. I'd passed the various station's television crews waiting on the sidewalk for news from the BART negotiations going on in the AC Transit offices on Grand and asked one of the camera crew if they were planning on being there all night. “Yes sir”, the reply.

Makes you feel your age when a guy who couldn't have been more than a decade or two younger than you are addresses you as “sir”. Still: be thankful I don't need BART in the morning. It's ten right now and they haven't announced an outcome yet.

The photo up top was taken in downtown Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.