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October 14, 2013

A Crap Shoot
Monday. To bed later than I was planning, up this morning close to an hour after having turned off the alarm. How did that happen? I just blinked and - bam! - it was seven when just a second ago it had been six. Decent day out there, though, so off to breakfast where Mr. S and his young son dropped by to say hello and to have breakfast, both in good fettle and form.

Still have work to do to finish the Sunday Streets photographs, but they'll be finished before noon. Not sure what people do around here on a Columbus Day. It wasn't a holiday at APL, but I usually took it off, used one of the floating holidays they allowed to make a long weekend. Maybe see if something is going on close by (but after a nap).

Later. The Sunday Streets photographs were completed and posted at noon after a nap attempt. It's looking like another fuzzy day is developing following what was an energetic day yesterday. A day for naps.

A walk to the morning café for ice cream and a lemonade taking but one or two pictures. Home to lie down and take another nap, this time getting right to sleep, awakening to turn on the News Hour after having missed the first twenty minutes. I bitch about the News Hour now and again, but I don't like to miss it. Not as adventuresome as I would like, but something I've watched for most of its life.

Awakening, the bottoms of the feet aching, the result (I'm assuming) of all the walking I managed to get in yesterday. It goes away once I've gotten up and put some weight on the feet, but also something I'm going to run by the doctor at my annual checkup coming at the end of the month.

At the computer now, the afternoon winding down, some thoughts of starting with the guitar. How have I done? On the guitar? Not good, not bad, just pretty much as I've always done. Maybe an hour's practice every day, seven days a week. Not enough to make a lot of progress, but enough to play some chords and a couple of songs now with time. Which is, I guess, what I want.

Evening. Ah yes, Monday evening at six. A repeat (or is it a repeat of a repeat?) of a program I found totally off-putting at six, so we'll fiddle with the guitar. A bit. And watch parts of the Monday-Tuesday Korean soap on another channel that, if you're not careful, will rot your mind if you watch it for more than a minute. We'll watch it in thirty second clips. Dips.

Have we lost it again?

We're doing OK. We're just, you know, getting through another Monday evening, planning to watch Scott & Bailey at nine and then getting to bed and to sleep. To bed is easy, to sleep has become something of a crap shoot.

The photo up top was taken during Berkeley Sunday Streets yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.