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October 15, 2013

We're Babbling
Tuesday. Scott & Bailey was replaced by a Public Television fund raising program last night so I went to bed at nine and read another hundred or so pages of the new Eggers novel that seems to be keeping my interest. A new 1984? Brought to us by the Silicon Valley? That's what the one or two reviews I've read are suggesting. Interesting so far, we'll see how it progresses.

Anyway, turned the lights out around ten-thirty, got to sleep easily enough and got up this morning (again) a good hour after I'd turned off the alarm. Up and off to breakfast on a sunny morning, back now to scribble this and post yesterday's entry. We are still a bit slow and thinking nap. Some brief guitar practice (if we can get it together) before our lesson at two-thirty? Complicated day, don't you think? Hmm? (Now, now: be nice.)

Later. A slow morning lying down for most of the time feeling tired and a bit funky (whatever that means) right up to the point I was to leave for the guitar lesson. Thoughts of not. Then, up, out the door with guitar to the car, feeling immediately better when I left the garage. Inside and now out, what could have made the difference?

Anyway, to the lesson, finding a parking space right off, the lesson going well, although I fumbled many of the chords playing at full speed. We'll practice at the faster pace this week. The same song, but fleshed out with additional chords not included in last week's lesson.

A run by the supermarket on the way home. Hungry. Should have stocked the shelves days earlier. Cottage cheese, popcorn, grapes, cleanser and sake. We are in a mood to step over to the wild side after this morning's funkiness and now feel like taking chances later this evening with a couple of glasses of sake.

That's your idea of the wild side?

I have to say that times have changed and two glasses of sake indeed seem to be. Deedle-dee-dee.

Evening. All repeats on television so some too few minutes on the guitar glancing back and forth between various Korean programs (meant to be watched by ten year old children) before heading to bed early. Which is good, I guess, getting to bed early. Picked up the Eggers novel again, but was stopped by one too many pieces of dialogue where our heroine is counseled by her manager in “Circle Speak”, a process that makes you think she's being absorbed into the Borg. Well, let's just say off-putting.

Still, we'll continue tomorrow. Still interested in how the story develops and won't really know until I'm about two-thirds the way through. How will it end? None of it strikes you as real in the same sense none of 1984 strikes you as real, except for the creepy undercurrents that say it might describe the future. Or something like that. We're babbling.

The photo up top was taken during Berkeley Sunday Streets yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.