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October 20, 2013

Won't Admit
Sunday. And so to bed before ten. Two of the four public television stations I receive are in the middle of fund raising programs and so there's nothing on at eight and nine. For me, anyway. So to bed to do a little reading and then turn the lights out at ten, awakening at seven not having set the alarm. That seems to have worked. A good night's sleep. At least I'm not tired and the attitude is good.

The festival at Splash Pad Park, the site of the Saturday farmers market across from the Grand Lake theater, is starting at eleven and we'll go, but first, if not a nap, then a bath on what seems to be a nice leisurely morning. It was foggy and chilly earlier when I went to breakfast, a head's up undoubtedly for weather to come, so we'll enjoy the sun while we have it. Hup!

Later. A walk to Splash Pad Park, dragging along both cameras to find a small crowd around a stage, a beer and wine area beside it and a line of tables offering literature on services offered by local businesses, the “festival” a celebration of the park's tenth anniversary and to raise support for the park itself.

So a wander around, taking pictures where I could find pictures, but it was immediately not looking good and I was soon dry (as in not seeing anything or anyone of interest I hadn't already photographed) so I figured what the hell, it was noon and so walked on to the usual place for lunch.

A BLT and lemonade. Two glasses of lemonade, actually. A walk then back to the park to take more pictures, but again, nothing was jumping into my lap lens. Time to go home he/I said. Another one of these “should be bail or stay” conversations I often lose. Or win.

Back at the apartment I downloaded the photographs to look through the damage. Not nearly enough for a new section on the web sites and so - what the hell, it was close by - I returned to the park with one camera with a long lens, this time, and took (what I calculated later) three usable pictures (if I were not too picky in defining “usable”). Some days you're good, some days you're not so good, some days it doesn't rain and all the crops wither and die.

You're getting wiggy again.

True. A younger me would have persevered and overcome whatever obstacles. Otherwise the day has gone well: sun, as mentioned, a little cooler during the day, but still t-shirt weather. We'll look at the photographs again and maybe put something together for another miscellaneous photographs page for the web sites, something I stopped doing some years ago, not sure why.

Why even worry about it?

Winter is coming and we may have to become more clever from here on out in finding our photographs. I'm not sure there are any more festivals and such coming up this month and later.

Evening. Nothing at six. Maybe read this evening. I've read more in these last two weeks (as in books) than I've done in this last year (dear, oh, dear). All the newspapers and news web sites I consume daily don't count.

Nothing at seven or eight (I'd watched Moyers & Company that's on at eight yesterday) so I looked at the pictures again and decided I could cobble together enough for a section. We are probably over reaching, but they'll go up tomorrow, they will, and with time and contemplation we'll know. Eventually. But I won't think too much about it, won't take them down and won't admit to the error.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Global Frackdown at Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.