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October 21, 2013

Up At Night
Monday. To bed again before ten, although I didn't really attempt to do any reading. I did finish a short story by Alice Munroe in the current New Yorker. Haven't read anything by her (I don't think, I'll check the book shelves), but she's quite good. Better than good from this one story. An interesting and sometimes disturbing read.

I thought you were having trouble with “disturbing”?

Good fiction often is. I'm just, you know, getting unduly sensitive in my declining years.

Anyway, up with the alarm and off to breakfast on an overcast, almost looks like rain, morning. Back now to post yesterday's entry and finish the Splash Pad Park section for HereInOakland and then, maybe, for artandlife. Something to do before we pick up the guitar and try to catch up for yesterday. (Oops!!)

Later. A nice nap, yes, a bus then downtown to have coffee and a bun out at a table in the City Center, a walk then back to the apartment, the air a bit cooler and so a long sleeved shirt. There were three television video trucks outside the transit building on Grand and I asked if they'd started up the BART negotiations again, but the guy shook his head. No word, but they were waiting there in case they should start. Ah. Hurry up and wait. Don't relish their job.

An ice cream cone at the 7-11 look-alike on the way, probably could have done without that, and another nap. Another good hour again. Maybe there's no way you can get all your sleep in over a night and naps are the future for as long as there's a future ahead.

Evening. Another funky period with the nap, nothing too severe, but enough to slow me down for a good hour, most of which I spent in bed listening to the radio. Better now. Which is good.

Nothing on at six I'm willing to subject myself to, so I played along on guitar while watching the Monday-Tuesday night Korean opus. I can rationalize most anything if I can get in a good session on the guitar. Which I did. Good for me. Now more.

Adobe sent me a notice in the mail today saying a number of their clients’ names, passwords and credit card information were hacked on their system and, well, I was one of them and it might lead to “issues”. They're giving me a year's subscription to a credit monitoring service just in case (there are “issues”). OK. Just what I wanted to hear.

I do use different ID's and passwords on different accounts, the more important ones that can cause financial damage are segregated from the less sensitive ones, so I assume I'm OK, but you never know. What the hell, life in a New Century. A good part of the old century too, come to think of it.

Scott & Bailey at eight. Two British female detectives and interesting. How many of the British series I once enjoyed am I now not able to watch? What am I saying? How many of the old American shows would drive me every bit as far up the wall? Achieving maturity finally at the age of seventy? Or senility? Questions to keep you up at night?

The photo up top was taken yesterday at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.