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October 23, 2013

I Would Think
Wednesday. To bed turning the lights out by ten, up a good forty-five minutes after the alarm, so a trip to breakfast having to feed the meter on an overcast close to foggy morning, the air a bit chill. They're saying in the low seventies later, so we're not into fall/winter quite yet, but the warning signs are here. Dear, oh, dear.

Still, maybe a nap and then up and out the door to find something to photograph. A good photograph will make for a good day, but a little thinking may be required. It's the little thinking that causes all the problems.

We're wandering.

Yes we are.

Later. Still looking overcast and a bit nasty out there, so a bus downtown (with no real destination in mind) getting off at the City Center to have coffee and a toasted bagel with butter out at a table watching the Wednesday band setting up and then listening to the first five or ten minutes or so before leaving. They were good, but I was antsy and so took a picture or two and wandered on.

A slightly gooey pumpkin square of some kind in the Rotunda building. I don't know where they get their cookies, pastries and such - they aren't inexpensive - but they're really good and seem worth the three bucks for a cookie or a square. We skipped coffee. We'd just had our coffee.

A walk then through Latham Square without taking a picture, still overcast and cool - It turned out I'd been sensible to wear a long sleeved shirt, sweater and light jacket - and on to Grand where I caught the bus and headed home. Probably not the best assemblage of stuff for a lunch, but we'd had a healthy breakfast and it had seemed right enough.

Passed the lady as she approached on the sidewalk, walking toward me and carrying on a conversation with the universe in a strident voice. Not shouting, you understand, but loud enough to be heard well before she was about to pass me by. Seeing the camera she stopped and asked if I'd trade money for a picture. She was hungry. Enough money maybe to buy something at a McDonald's? Wish I'd taken more time and taken a better photograph.

Something of a nap when I returned in the afternoon at one (the sun now in evidence) feeling a little crappy, something that's been happening fairly routinely after my late morning outings. The symptoms vary and last for about an hour before the day pulls itself back together. Spent time reading the various news sites and such I like to inhabit. Without the walks I wouldn't get any exercise at all.

Evening. A repeat of a show at six I wasn't able to watch when it first ran two weeks ago and so doubly wasn't able to watch it this evening, remembering the first game of the World Series was also starting at six and could take its place. I can practice guitar and watch a baseball game as easily as I can anything else. I would think.

The photo up top was taken while waiting on my guitar lesson to start yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.