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October 24, 2013

Of Course
Thursday. Last night sort of just fizzled out around nine and so I got to bed early. Not sure that meant I got to sleep at a decent hour, but we were working at it. Up with the alarm. A little slow, but up. No complaints.

To breakfast and back on another overcast close to foggy morning by eight along with symptoms of a stomach ache that had started after eating yesterday in the late afternoon. Not sure what I ate. Gone now, but it makes you wonder. Not a set of symptoms I've had in the past, not a set of symptoms I'm expecting to return, although nothing I've eaten over these last couple of days comes to mind as a culprit. We'll leave it at that. Mutually leave it at that. One hopes.

Later. Still overcast and a bit cold at one in the afternoon, the weather people still saying it will get to seventy degrees today, but I'll believe it if and when the sun comes out.

Sitting with absolutely no desire to go anywhere, but with even less desire to stay inside the apartment, I caught a bus all the way to 10th and Washington, walking then to a café to have coffee and an almond biscotti. I like the dryness and crunchiness of the biscotti together with the coffee and so sat out alone at one of the tables. Everyone else, what few there were, were smart enough to stay inside.

A walk then on up Broadway to eventually take the bus on Grand and home, a single quick photograph of the one group of birds out on the lake. I wasn't sure at that distance what kind they were, but decided after blowing up the picture they were probably Lesser Scaups, the first time I've spotted any of them on the lake since March. So the birds are moving and we'll soon see more. I suspect.

What now? Snap on a longer lens and get closer to the Lesser Scaups, document their arrival? Do I really want to do that? We'll see. Not much happening otherwise and I'm pretty much napped out after the one I took this morning. Could I consider something more radical soon next week, a car trip over one of the bridges? I say it, but I don't mean it. Too much history with it in the past. Still, saying it is a sign.

Of lethargy if nothing else.

Later still. I'm starting to see sunlight now at three in the afternoon so I assume we'll not see seventy degrees today.

This is important?

True. It won't make any difference today. Might if it repeats itself tomorrow.

Evening. Another two episodes of the French detectives gone wrong Thursday series ending at eight. They continue to go wrong, but in interesting ways, so I watched while on the guitar.

I had a chicken sandwich for a late afternoon dinner, brought home from the nearby local burger drive-in and probably confirmed they cook with various seasonings that include MSG because there was a period of about half an hour (while watching the detectives try to scramble/shoot their way out of their ever worsening dilemma) when things got a little funky. So much for chicken sandwiches from across the way. Their turkey and steak sandwiches too, I'm afraid. The lettuce, tomatoes, bun and mayonnaise are probably OK, but the chicken's obviously radioactive.

Feeling better now that it's nine, probably best to go to bed and not stay up for Elementary, watch it tomorrow when they post it on the web. But I won't. Watch it tomorrow. Still, there's an hour left before ten and I'm tired. Be nice to maybe just lie down for a while, get up when it starts. Right? Of course.

The photo up top was taken at the Global Frackdown demonstration in front of the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.