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Here In Oakland

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October 26, 2013

Museum Tomorrow
Saturday. To bed early, nothing on television last night, but - if memory serves - some trouble getting to sleep. Still, up with the alarm, no real problem there and off to breakfast and back on what looks it's going to be a sunny morning. So good. Not sure what's happening over the weekend, if anything, but we'll see.

Later. A walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera to take at least one closer in picture of what I've been thinking is a Lesser Scaup over these last couple of days to find, yes, it looks like one to me. And so: the Lesser Scaups have arrived.

A walk back to the apartment to lose the long lens and to futz around here before heading out again thinking I'd take a bus downtown to the ATM but deciding, just at the smart phone nextbus app said it was coming, to walk instead through the farmers market and then to wherever the mood might pull me along. I was not overly confident the mood was in “pull along” mode, but sometimes we fib to get our ass out the door going.

I ended up at the morning café and decided while briefly sitting at an empty table before a waitress had arrived, I was both not hungry and it was too crowded and so walked back the the apartment. I'd gone by the supermarket on the way back from breakfast so there were grapes and cottage cheese in the refrigerator.

Grapes and cottage cheese? You wouldn't have considered that food three years ago.

Times change without our advice or consultation.

Moved the HereInOakland Urban Shield files to artandlife, making adjustments to the existing Occupy Wall Street index and sections that clearly needed it. I should redo the entire Occupy group, futzed with some of it just now as a beginning, but we'll put off a proper fix until later.

Like next year?

If we're ambitious.

Later still. A nice nap. An hour? Doesn't matter, felt just fine when I got up and so headed out the door to catch a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then walk back to the apartment, picking up a pint of strawberry ice cream for dinner. We're two pounds under our target weight so we'll allowed.

Says who?

Says the a little bird who whispered it into my ear.

Evening. I did pick up sake at the supermarket this morning. It's Saturday night, after all. Turns out it was probably not the best of moves. Maybe it reacted with the pain meds that I'd forgotten to take at the usual hour of two this afternoon and took them when I remembered just before pouring that first glass. One glass felt like two and the evening went just a bit off kilter.

The second half of an Arne Dahl episode that started last week was on at six, a Swedish group of detectives “working things out” with the crooks and among themselves. Hard to say which is proving to be the tougher battle.

Watched it while playing along on the guitar and listening to the Bridge School Benefit concert playing live on the computer in the background. Nice, but not the nice I remember way back when the music was new and it flowed through the ears like lava into the soul.

To bed early this evening if there's nothing too enticing at eight or nine on television. We've had a long day and there's the annual Dias de los Muertos exhibit kicking off at the Oakland California Museum tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Urban Shield demonstration at the Marriott hotel on Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.