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October 27, 2013

May Collide
Sunday. To bed early enough, clear headed enough, the comments on the sake last night were accurate, but no big deal, the effects wore off long before nine when I went to bed. Or was it eight? Anyway, slept right on through until after nine this morning, got up to take a bath and then read the papers, the day so far a fog. Tired. Didn't feel like doing much of anything.

Still, the Dias de los Muertos exhibition starting at noon, something I'd think I'd make a point to photograph. It was indeed eleven, closing in on the bus I'd normally take at eleven-thirty, what to do? Was I hungry? Not really. Did I want to drive and park? No. All this on top of a long night's sleep and a hot bath? I guess.

Anyway, a walk to breakfast and back just after noon, sitting here now pasting all this together. It's overcast and cool (if not cold) out there with not all that many people around. The museum show goes until four-thirty, so I can still make it and, I suspect I will, but for the moment I'm sitting here with my engine idling, waiting, wanting to see where it will go.

Later. A little better. Prepared to head out, deciding to take but one camera with the 24-70mm lens, travel light, none of this backpack stuff, but stopped at the apartment stairwell and looked out onto the street - overcast, somewhat dark, still cool if not cold - and went back into the apartment and settled in for a longer do absolutely nothing afternoon. At least for now. It's approaching one-thirty, we could still do the museum, but I don't know. The difference between a hobby and a profession: it gets cold outside, you get cold feet, the day starts slowly and you don't take your camera(s) and go. Don't you know.

You're willing to let this happen?

We are still figuring out what life is about, what the rules are, and we're not altogether sure attending a Dias de los Muertos exhibition on opening day isn't (after all) optional. And the Fruitvale festival is coming up next Saturday so, if it's painted faces we're after in this life (one assumes there may well be plenty in the next), well, we're still in the running.

Later still. Still no sun out there in the late afternoon, but the head is coming together. The tired feeling is evaporating, anyway. No real regrets about missing the museum opening in thinking through earlier openings I've photographed, although that could just be the rationalization of the moment. We'll see. Maybe just a dry period for photographs. I've suspected for a while I need to make changes, find new “things” to shoot, try out new ideas.

New ideas?

Never easy, there's always a fly of some kind in the soup.

Evening. The first of a two part German who done it mystery at six and so naturally I watched. It's not a series from the look of it, no detective heroes on the march. Not sure what I might eventually think, but we'll watch the ending half next week (no doubt). So, guitar and German subtitles. Makes some odd sense.

Moyers & Company at eight, we'll see what he's on about and then, unless there's something coming up at nine, we'll get to bed early again and see how tomorrow morning and the head may collide.

The photo up top was taken at the Urban Shield demonstration at the Marriott hotel on Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.