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October 28, 2013

Worked Out
Monday. To bed early, up a good hour and a half after the alarm this morning at seven-thirty feeling, well, tired but better. Better still as the morning has worn on. Yesterday's blahs are now yesterday's blahs, today's blahs are looking better. They are. Good. Really. I think. I hope.

Is it so simple as I'm just not getting enough sleep? This morning, thinking about past “deviations” from the norm that turned out to have been solved by reducing the blood pressure meds (which is good, less is always better), I took a reading: one hundred over seventy. Probably better a hundred and ten over seventy, close but not low enough to be the culprit. So we'll slog forward and start getting up an hour later at seven, see if that doesn't resolve the thing.

Later. A brief nap. Half an hour at most. Up to walk over to the lake and back taking but one picture of the three resident Mallards at this end of the lake, a female and two males. She seems to be the one running the coop.

Back again to the apartment to futz with the computer and put off doing whatever else I should be doing around here before lying down again, only to get up to catch an arriving bus to the morning café where I had a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, ice cream and lemonade for lunch. Should have ordered half a sandwich, but the brain was still distracted. I knew better when I was ordering it.

And (building up to the day's climax), a walk back to the apartment snapping another couple of pictures, some stirrings, but not enough interest to take the picture taking to the point of awakening any talent.

What's that about?

Oh, nothing. The day goes OK. It's cool out there under the sun, close to needing a winter jacket rather than a lighter summer jacket, so we're approaching our change of season, but otherwise better than yesterday and the day before that, although the engine is still idling and the Fates are still holding their cards close to their collective vests and not revealing their hands.

Later still. So we've pretty much had another funky day, evening now approaching, the aching sinuses most of the issue. I say sinuses, but I suspect there's another element that adds to what I'm calling a tiredness or funkiness just underneath that's adding to the problem. Below notice. My annual checkup tomorrow morning, so we'll go over the stuff with the doctor, maybe increase or decrease some of the meds to no avail and then make another annual appointment.

Evening. Nothing at six. A repeat of a program with an actor I genuinely didn't like the first time I watched it/him, so some guitar, if we can get it together, playing along with the World Series. More guitar then as we're watching Scott & Bailey at nine. Then to bed. The guitar lesson tomorrow, wish I'd been more motivated to play today. Hey. Oh, and on Saturday. Not a good guitar day Saturday. Sunday, for some reason, worked out just fine.

The photo up top was taken at the Urban Shield demonstration at the Marriott hotel on Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.