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October 29, 2013

Perchance To Dream
Tuesday. To bed at ten, up before the alarm at six, feeling clear headed and conscious. More conscious, certainly, than any of this writing has indicated in the past. Why the difference? Your guess is as good as mine. Better, given the whinging done here.

A clear sunny morning, the air chill, the annual doctor's visit coming up at ten. Remembered to run a copy of the meds I'm taking, they like to see that, have noted one or two things about sinuses and “tiredness” that need to at least be brought up it not discussed. I don't hold much hope for more than that, but we'll see. Surprises sometimes materialize.

The guitar lesson at two this afternoon, so one last run through beforehand (maybe), a trip downtown to see if the prescription that had run out of refills has been done (why was I so late in noticing?) and that's about it. More going on today than most.

And you feel burdened?

No, no. Just noting. Less than subtly complaining, I suppose, another admission I'm not being overly active or ambitious. We do a lot of that. One would think it would eventually result in a change of some kind.

Why the frown?

I'm going back and noticing all the “typos” in just these few short paragraphs. Odd typos more to do with an oddly wired brain than fumbling fingers, “than” instead of “they”, for example, so the spell checker doesn't catch them. I'll come back later today or first thing tomorrow morning and probably find others I've missed just now. Odd, although not yet worrying unless it gets much worse and I find I can no longer catch most of them.

Later. A drive over to the doctor's office to fill out a bunch of paperwork related to some kind of new agreement they have with Stanford hospital (an intern or two may now be watching over a doctor's shoulder in the future), in for the examination (nothing other than the mentioning of the periods of foggy/fuzzy/tiredness) and had I had a shingles shot? Actually, I wasn't sure, but he had no record of having given me one, so an instruction to check with my pharmacy to see if I'd had one there.

A drive back home to turn right around to take a bus downtown to the pharmacy to pick up that prescription. No, they had no record of having given me a shingles shot either, so a shingles shot - thank you very much - and a ride back home to prepare for guitar with that prescription refill in hand. And maybe slip in some lunch.

Oh, and when's the last time I'd had a colonoscopy? He had no record of one for the last seven years. Hadn't I had one about five years ago? Back in the nineties, suffering from an unknown source of intestinal bleeding, I'd had maybe twenty colonoscopies over those years. I mean a lot of god damned colonoscopies. The late eighties and nineties. Now another doctor to check with to track it down.

So, home. We'll at least tune the guitar, figure a way to go by the morning café for lunch before the lesson, get it all done. The mind is relatively clear, but the vision is a little blurred and the sinuses are doing their usual thing. Not a bad day, in other words.

Later still. Another lesson under our belt if not hanging from our belt. In other words we didn't “kill it”, but then we didn't exactly eat it either.

That's an awfully lame stretch for a metaphor.

You should see the first ones I deleted. Went through the lesson, but stumbled again on tying it all together. Still, the chords are cleaner and the chord changes are better, so we're making progress. I'm not sure what my teacher would say about it as he's always supportive, but I suspect, when and if he speaks with his peers, he's not overly impressed with this one particular student. Nice guy, I would instantly recommend him to others. Supportive. Doesn't frown.

A nap and feeling better now that the afternoon is almost over. A haircut tomorrow and the week's tasks are done. Maybe take some pictures later this week (if there's no real effort or traveling involved).

Evening. Nothing on at six, so we'll do our little Tuesday after the lesson guitar practice session (less than an hour, no muss, fuss or stress) while watching something mindless and then see if we can't get to bed (and to sleep) early.

The photo up top was taken on a sidewalk along Grand Avenue this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.