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September 28, 2010

The Next Time
Tuesday. Another warmer than we'd like night last night, to sleep (I'm guessing) about midnight, up before six just ahead of the alarm. To breakfast and the papers feeling pretty good. A haircut later at ten, the outside temperature rising, the day ahead.

I made minor progress yesterday with the two printers that need trashing (as mentioned), but it's interesting to see how much better this one small corner of the computer area looks. Where'd all that dust come from? We're talking about your's truly, living in his own little dream, I'm sure your own existence is filled with brighter fireworks, but it does give a charge of sorts and I suspect I'll tackle more of these projects as time goes along. Particularly if stopping that one allergy medication clears up the double vision. Be like cutting a weight hanging around your neck. Still, silly projects for silly people. Silly or not, the day goes well, here in Dingle Dell.

Later. Back from the haircut. I think it's gotten about as long as it needs to get and it will be trimmed to it's current length again at the next appointment. Unless I change my mind and get it chopped back to its corporate past or continue along with longer is better. Why longer? Why a change in image? I have no idea other than I'm making it happen. Back to the 70's? I don't think you can go back to 2009, let alone some long lost decade in the last century, so we'll stick with 2010 and mess with it now.

The head has been clear, the eyes bright. I suspect it was indeed the Advair that caused the problem. I doubt the ocular migraines are part of it, if only because life usually isn't that simple, but there were one or two mentions of Advair associated with ocular migraines on the web, albeit no smoking guns. I suspect what they're calling an ocular migraine includes a wide spectrum of symptoms, a catch all of sorts and, if that's true, their list may not include everything I've experienced. They definitely mention vision distortions and there's a long list of others, many of which I'm now too familiar, so even more good could come out of this. Advair. Bad. Bad, Advair, bad..

Wouldn't it be nice though if the O.M.'s went away with the double vision? Do such things happen? How many dollars have been spent sending me out on tests? MRI's, EEG''s, blood? No complaints, none of them have yet to show side effects, but I'm a little surprised how easy it is to fall into a deep dark hole by visiting a doctor's office.

Later still. It's every bit as warm as it was yesterday and I've been hunkered down here inside in front of the fan. Don't want to move very far from the fan. I'd shot all of two pictures coming home after the haircut waiting for a bus, the camera acting up. I'd noticed it sounded different when I was shooting yesterday, but today I'd press the shutter release and it wouldn't fire. It would focus, but not fire. For about seven seconds. Press the button and seven seconds later it would trip.

I say seven seconds of course because, in looking at the manual later, I discovered that was the time lag set in the camera's self timer menu. You press the shutter with the camera on a tripod or other support and then run back within seven seconds to be included in the group picture. If you can't do it in seven, set it for ten. The relevant dial on the camera had been rotated to the self timer position. Somehow. It's not something that's easy to do, a locking button that has to be pressed before you turn the dial (and screw up your picture), so I'm embarrassed. But not enough to keep my mouth shut.

I'm tempted to go to Beverages & More and pick up sake, aged cheddar and crackers, have the cheese with the crackers and a half bottle or so of sake to see how it goes. Alcohol and aged cheddar are high on the list of ocular migraine no-no's and I've experienced them after eating exactly that combination. But we are older, we are now more mature, we will not do anything so stupid until we've been off the stuff for a week and the body and lungs have had time to flush themselves out. And then, I suspect, we'll give it a go.

I believe you had your first ocular migraine three months before you started the Advair.

I've had this nagging thought during this soliloquy that may be true. I wasn't really sure when I started the Advair, but going back I see it was in early March. The first migraine was when? The end of 2009? I'm pretty sure that was it, as I think about it, I seem to recall a lighter episode as I was driving up to Portland at seventy miles an hour on a twisty road last December. Interesting experience. Well, I'm projecting then. Wishing. Not unusual, I guess. So much for the sake and cheddar. Until the next time.

The photograph was taken on a street leaving the Solano Stroll in Albany with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.