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September 9, 2013

Early Tonight
Monday. To bed before nine and to sleep, well, reasonably soon thereafter, no awakening in the night. If long walks have this effect, maybe longer walks would be a good investment.

The minute they become exercise rather than ambles with a camera you'll flake out.

Well. Anyway, up with the alarm on a clear morning to head off to breakfast and back to try to salvage yesterday's entry and then to think again on how to put together the Solano sections for artandlife.

With photographs left over from last year's outing (I really did take a lot of pictures last year) I can put together two sections: one beginning with some seven or eight photographs from 2012 with the rest from yesterday's outing, followed by a full section of 2013 photographs. I'll have to think about it. Are they really any good, these left over from last year's 2012 outing? Leave some I like out taken yesterday and do just one or add them in with 2012 and do two? Conflicted.

Later. Close to noon and the one section of Solano Stroll photographs is done and posted. Those earlier pictures turned out to be from years prior to 2012, so no added 2012-2013 section. Now that we've settled the serious questions of the day, we'll think about lunch or the current conflict in Syria. Or a walk. But, our priorities being important here, after a nap.

Later still. A solid hour's nap. Actual sleep, none of this namby-pamby eyes closed, half listening to the radio, business. A bus to the usual place for lunch (ice cream and lemonade - what does that imply if you really are what you eat?), a walk back to the apartment to listen to the news and think about starting today's guitar practice.

Evening. Watched the second chapter of a new series that started last week on Monday nights at six. I've discovered it's not one you can just glance away from without losing the thread. I guess I'm going to be watching it again next week, although I'm not all that sure I understand (or particularly like) it. Maybe that's a good sign. The rules are you watch or you don't watch and evidently, for at least another week, I do. Watch.

Do you think anybody is at all interested in any of this crap?

I'm not sure I'm interesting in it, although it seems to stumble out like clockwork in the evenings at six.

Restrung the guitar, not sure it sounds any different than it did before I started, but it's been a while and I've been putting in a lot of practice time since the last time I changed the strings. New strings to go over what are now old chords, skipping between them like a four year old hippo on drugs gazelle.

There's a British female detective pair starting on PBS at nine. I suspect we won't get to bed all that early tonight.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.