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September 10, 2013

Less Depressing
Tuesday. The female detective program (“Female” vs. “male”? What does that tell us about us?) turned out fairly well last night, so we stayed up and watched and thereby got to bed after ten, getting to sleep whenever it was and getting up with the alarm. Well, after the alarm, we were a little slow in getting it together. Overcast, a bit humid, but there's no reason the day won't go well. Right? No reason to doubt. Or to bitch before the fact. Not after breakfast.

The guitar lesson at two-thirty this afternoon and a trip by the ATM on Broadway are the two things I need to accomplish today. We'll put that other stuff off until tomorrow.

As you've been putting them off for weeks now?

As I've been putting them off for weeks now.

Later. The vision clear. I almost said “oddly” clear, but that wouldn't be right, although I was thinking yesterday as I was out walking to lunch, closing one eye and then the other, seeing double, two people where there should be one in the distance. Not up close, but still, disconcerting. At the edge of disconcerting and approaching without being “dysfunctional”.

Not a bit of double vision today taking the bus downtown to the Broadway ATM and then on to the City Center for a cup of coffee. Which is good. The mood good, the sun bright, but the temperature reasonable (in the shade) wearing a long sleeved shirt. Not so much anymore now that it's afternoon, but then I'm sitting inside in front of a fan. Exciting day, don't you think?

Now, now. We don't need any more of that.

Anyway, the vision, the attitude, the whatever is good, the guitar lesson coming up in another hour. I don't have the song mastered, but I've made progress and that seems to be the plan. Incremental progress, you do it long enough and the odd sounds begin to be identifiable as songs. Too bad I don't listen to much in the way of music anymore, but this disconnect for some reason isn't jarring.

Later still. A lot cleaner, a lot better. Still have some work to do on the strumming unique to certain parts of Heart of Gold, but they will be fun to address this week. Surprised myself today, getting through the song on the beat.

On the beat?

Keeping up with Mr. Young. There were errors, there are always errors, but we went through the chord changes way better than we have in the past. I think. So a good lesson.

Evening. I took a quick look at last Tuesday's entry to see what was playing at six and discovered my description last week was unintelligible. Made no sense. I bitch about the writing, the banality, the sloth, but didn't realize I'd been letting through anything quite that bad. So I did a quick edit and thought some more about how to determine what changes are needed. Are we in a total funk? Your writing, like your guitar playing, shouldn't disintegrate with practice.

But with age?

We've not reached the age thing yet. We're dealing with sloth and embarrassment and maybe retirement for the moment. Oh, and double vision.

I watched the new French detective program Antigone 34 at six and then switched when the episode finished to a new Korean drama that had just started on another channel. Well, more a Korean soap for small children and almost adults. For all my saying I've been having a good day (productive, time spent on the guitar, stretching those Solano photographs out into two sections) I can't claim a recovery if I'm still watching things like it.

We'll watch the second episode of Antigone 34 when it plays again at ten, get to bed at eleven and start all over again.

You didn't listen to the President speech on Syria this evening? You who say you follow politics?

Even a Korean soap, hokey beyond hope, is less depressing than that.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.