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September 11, 2013

Came Out Ahead
Wednesday. To bed around eleven, up with the alarm without too much hesitation, off to breakfast on an overcast morning. They're saying the temperatures will be up into the low seventies later. Sounds much better than the eighties and nineties we've been having.

Anyway, breakfast and the papers, a photograph of the change in gas prices along with the usual pandorea snapshot, home now feeling almost as good and ambitious as I did yesterday. Not sure how to accurately describe it. I do believe adventure looms, but what kind? Where? With what and whom? Diddle-dee-doom (with emphasis off the “doom”).

One change has been with the guitar. Lots of energy in the guitar these last few days. Learn a new song of my own? A new lick? Double my song inventory? All this after slogging through these last three robot like years? Why not? Time doesn't stand still! (Hup!)

Later. An odd series of thoughts went through my head re-examining the Solano photographs and deciding to include many I'd axed the first time around to put up two sections of photographs today rather than just the original one. Is there a real difference between the old ones and the new ones? What's good and what's bad? From my own perspective, of course, but what exactly is my perspective, uncle Johnny? Mr. Dead-Eye Duck? Cluck?

One interesting observation. In adding the additional section I changed some of the order in the old one although, after posting them to artandlife, my (Chrome) browser kept displaying some (but not all) of the pictures at their old locations, even with hitting the refresh button.

This has happened in the past, so I finally cleared the browser cache and that took care of the problem. Why did I not do that way back when it first happened? I do know about clearing a cache, a standard procedure used many times in the past. Why did I wait so long not to do it, but to even first think to do it?

Ah, well. Best to take a trip downtown to see if there's still a Wednesday noon concert in the City Center, an excuse to get out of the house now that it's noon. Feel pretty good, so we'll just drop it into gear and go since the engine appears to be up and running.

A bus downtown, a walk to the City Center to have a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin out at a table in front of the bagel shop. They no longer ask, but just raise an eyebrow, pointing questioningly at the small paper coffee cups as I enter. I guess this is good, but, you know, another habit, another rut, comfortable or not.

A walk then back home taking one or two pictures. I realized an obvious marketing ploy after I'd passed by, should have been obvious at first glance. Trying to make people curious. Do people still become curious? Do they care? Another little mental slip, I've been noticing more of them lately. Another slip, a quirk that causes the strap not to fit comfortably when wrapping the camera strap around my wrist, something that often happens, finally resolved today when I mentally stepped back and thought about it.

Similar to the cache clearing problem: step back, ask questions, get an answer. Why have I let thinking pass so often, not stepping back where I'd have done this automatically when I was younger?

Are we in another blame it on age routine?

We are into a snap out of it routine, lay the blame where it belongs. On sloth, for one. Sloth can be corrected. Ameliorated. Adjusted. Age just keeps happening.

Later still. No double vision today, although a bit funky in the late afternoon. A nap seems to have taken care of that. Forgot to do the blood thinner test yesterday, totally forgot, but remembered as the phone started ringing earlier this afternoon (their automated reminder) while I was walking back from the downtown. Another forgetful moment. I don't worry about forgetting the blood tests, however, one must give oneself leeway sometimes. Blood, after all.

Anyway, pricked the finger, ran the test and phoned in the result. Good result, do it again next week. I see why they set up an automated call service for those of us who dawdle. I suspect there are many of us who dawdle.

Evening. Read my cryptic remark about the new detective series that's on this evening at six. Had no idea what I was talking about, but recognized the story immediately. A thoroughly unpleasant character last week graduates to just an unpleasant character this week. Perhaps he will graduate to higher levels next week, I suspect that's the idea, but I somehow doubt I'll be convinced of it.

Otherwise we'll see what's on at nine and then get to bed. Last week there was nothing and we came out ahead.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.