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September 12, 2013

To Bed Record
Thursday. To bed early again to wake up fifteen minutes before the alarm and get up easily enough to head out to breakfast and back, pausing to examine the gas prices across the street as I entered the café. Had they changed again after increasing just yesterday? Should I take a picture to be sure? Well, OK. I did, they had, all is well. If only all of life's major issues were resolved so easily (with a camera).

Overcast and humid out there now as I sit here at the computer. Feel fine, so we'll get outside before long and do something, invent something if necessary. No complaints. Another of life's existential questions easily resolved, I'm sure, in but a nonce, here in Oakland.

Later. Quite overcast all morning. A nap, of sorts, not sure I slept for more than a few minutes, but I did lie down for over an hour feeling slightly funky. Maybe that avocado/cheese (light on the cheese) omelet this morning. Hungry for some reason, went all out, but all out can lead to distractions.

Noon now. I've been running through ideas to entice me out the door, but none so far have elicited a reaction. The day is overcast, the mind is clear, I'm hungry, but the outlook so far is cloudy.

Later still. Ah, an Oriental chicken salad at Genji's, the thought brought an immediate decision. You're hungry but you can't think of anything you want to eat (drive to the supermarket for, well, cottage cheese and grapes?) until you do decide and an Oriental chicken salad was the ticket.

Off the bus at Latham Square stopping to take a picture, all the seats filled with people. Good, but during a noon hour. You'd expect people during a weekday noon hour. The salad next at Genji's in the Rotunda building, a walk on then to the City Center for a cup of coffee and to watch the people passing by out at a table. Fast living in the big city.

A bus back to the apartment. A good day on the guitar yesterday, we'll see if we can be more innovative, take another step forward. Learn something new on my own in addition to the strumming patterns I need to get down for the lesson.

You're doing your little sales pitch on yourself again. Just, you know, pick up the guitar and play it!

The sun finally broke through the clouds as I was sitting out in the City Center after one, so it's warm out there again without being too warm. Life progresses.

Evening. Ah, yes. The set on an island mystery in Brittany, the lead actress quite curvaceous and attractive in a Brittany sort of way, but who can't act her way out of a button. Either that or she too is not able to stomach the dialogue and story line. One must give her some latitude with a script like this one. So naturally I switched to the set in ancient times Korean soap (with kings and princesses and long pauses) and spent my time wrinkling my nose at it. Playing along, of course, on the guitar. Those chords again.

Last Thursday (checking the entry) I gave up and went to bed at nine. Maybe with luck we'll do the same tonight unless, having checked the CBS site to see when the new Elementary season is due to start, I decide to go through the old season episodes I see they've posted and find one I missed watching in the last season. Not that I'd ruin my early to bed record watching it, of course.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4 VR Nikkor lens.