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September 13, 2013

Right To Bed
Friday. I did go through some of the Elementary episodes last night, didn't find any I hadn't seen before (although I suspect I haven't seen them all), but managed to spend a lot of time in bed futzing with the iPad. Not good getting to sleep after eleven, if I did indeed get to sleep after eleven, as I didn't sleep well and was awake to see the bedroom clock turn midnight and then turn one.

I must admit there was a couple nearby in the building or in the building next door who were awake and making noises that indicated they were more engrossed in what they were doing and having a better time than I was, but again, background noise. Can't blame the late night on them.

Up this morning well after the alarm at six-thirty, off to breakfast to feed the meter and to note another change in gas prices. On to the supermarket to pick up toothpaste, cottage cheese, red seedless grapes and sake. Two bottles of sake. Thought about buying it, said to myself I really didn't want any, but bought the two anyway. I suspect my grousing one way or another about alcohol is pretty much done if this is now my attitude and reaction. We'll see. This evening.

Home to finish yesterday's entry and then to take a nap, awakening (if I was able to get to sleep at all) after an hour or so to the sound of my two neighbors who, after their late night, were at it again. I suspect it would be much more fascinating if I were quite a bit younger. Well, bullshit, it captured my attention.

Later. A slow morning. Not sure what I did or got done. A walk just after noon to the lake to find ten of the white pelicans fishing as a group along with a Great egret off to the side. I'd seen the egret flying in the far distance as I was crossing the street, realizing it had to be an egret with that neck. Such is life. We took pictures.

Back now a bit hungry, but in another “what do I eat that I am able to get down?” phase, not that they're phases. More the norm. We'll come up with something. Cottage cheese with red seedless grapes would do it. Had I read a statement like that a decade ago I'd have figured whoever was writing it was weird. But we're older now. And wiser (of course).

Later still. For some reason I futzed around yesterday and again just now with some old studio session photographs done with Ms. S in 2006. I realize the more interesting ones for me have always been the portraits I took and much less the nudes. No complaints, every photographer at some point should try some nudes to get an idea of what's involved, how they're done and I found them less compelling (and more complicated in their execution) than my candid portraits in the field.

Anyway, I posted a couple, one up top and one behind the Sole Proprietor head below it. Also looked at some taken at lunches when I was working at APL. One day, if I work on these long enough, I'm going to turn out a decent photograph. Takes time and practice, more time and more practice than I've done in my dilettantish approach to the subject.

Evening. Recognized the series from last week, but didn't quite catch the name (again). French, two cops and a plethora of complicated relationships between family, good guys, bad guys and more than a few guys of various shades in between. Not sure I really understood what had happened when it was done. Maybe I'm not keeping up with the subtitles. We'll watch it again next week and figure it out unless we don't.

Dalziel and Pasco at eight is more complicated than I'm willing to put up with for another two hours, two just under one hour episodes together on Friday evenings. So to bed. I've had my two glasses of sake sipped over time in one of the small sake cups. I like the ritual and the effect and the way it can indeed put you right to bed.

The photo up top was taken at a 2006 studio session with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens.