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September 18, 2013

To The Good
Wednesday. To bed before ten, up not long after the alarm, but long enough to have to feed a dollar into the meter when I arrived for breakfast. Still, a sunny morning, the day starting well, the head and various other components up online and functioning. No complaints. The journal web site down for some reason this morning, but able to post finally before ten. The first time this has happened.

A quick nap now, I'd think, and then downtown to pickup a vitamin refill (the B12 supplement) and maybe, well, we'll see when we arrive.

Later. Something of a nap. I did at least lie down for a while and listen to the radio in a half haze before heading downtown on the bus to pick up those vitamin supplements and have lunch at Genji in the Rotunda building, stopping briefly in Latham Square when I was finished before catching the bus. Are we done with our (very little) walking for the day? Can't say I care as it's quite warm out there.

Evening. The channel I watch the various six o'clock programs on is off the air, I'm assuming a hardware problem. No audio and so they were substituting other programs in place of their usual news programs running subtitles without audio before just putting up a logo and stopping. I wouldn't want to be the chief engineer/server/software person responsible for such an outage.

So I watched the Wednesday-Thursday Korean program on the other station. An amazing conceit for a story line. Think in terms of a princess much pursued in the first many episodes by our hero who now disguises herself as a young man in the second set of episodes by, um, changing into a man's clothes.

Can you, the viewer, tell the difference between the lady in a dress and the lady in pants? Um, no. It's rather obviously the same lady. No change in her face or complexion, maybe less makeup (if she were in fact wearing makeup in her princess edition), but every character, including the male hero who has been devastated in thinking she was dead, can't make the connection.

And I've been watching this. My, my. Cartoons without the cartoons. I wonder if they talk about such things in story writing classes?

Maybe to bed soon after more guitar. Not a bad day, not a great day, but any not a bad day is a day to the good.

The photo up top was taken during the Solano with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.