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September 19, 2013

A Night's Sleep
Thursday. To bed well before ten, waking up at about two and then finding it difficult to get back to sleep for at least an hour. Was I awake or semi-awake during that hour? Haven't a clue, but I did finally arise to consciousness (close to consciousness) two hours after the alarm at eight, the time I'm usually returning from breakfast, arising slowly and definitely fighting the entire plan.

Still, a walk to breakfast. A slow walk feeling various small aches and pains - my table awaiting, breakfast awaiting - to sit and eat and read the papers. A walk home having missed the bus. Best to be walking was my thought, get in a little exercise as the day starts, if indeed walking at the pace I was walking constitutes exercise.

Home now feeling better. My cousin's son Scott is playing in Mannerhouse Manor in San Francisco, so I'll be BARTing over early this evening to take it in and, I suspect, meet there with some other family members who are coming in to see him from out of town. So good. I guess, given my phobia for travel at night.

Without a camera.

True. I didn't ask, but no reason to bring a camera that will have to be checked at the door. Maybe the little Nikon 1. Do they pat down seventy year old dudes for contraband? Probably. Bill Graham always did, looking more for alcohol, of course.

Later. A bit of a nap, the senses still working toward full consciousness after last night, but a bus downtown to go by the Broadway ATM near Grand and then walk on to the City Center to have coffee and a muffin. A strawberry something or other muffin. Coffee with sugar, we figured we'd kick out the stops.

A bus finally to get off at the morning café for a BLT and a lemonade out at a table on their patio in the shade. Took my time as I did at the City Center and then walked home. Nice day, warm just on the edge of being too warm, not a lot else to say. It's after three, we'll play some guitar and get ready to head over to San Francisco later at six.

Evening. Well, over to San Francisco at six-thirty. Easy enough trip - the bus, then BART, then a walk to Jackson Street along Battery - although it seemed odd to be leaving the apartment without a camera. Met with the various family members at the theater, said hello, watched the show. It was quite good. I haven't wanted to watch any of the current (and popular) Downton Abbey series, but it wasn't hard to catch what they were doing. Very nice.

No reason not to have brought along a camera, there were one or two people there shooting large DSLR's in the audience and we were all sitting in the second row center, no one sitting in front of me, so a good position from which to take photographs. No complaints. I need to get out more often with something else on my mind than taking pictures (hiding behind a camera?) and saying hello to the cousins, cousins son and his/their friends is one.

Back to BART, on to Oakland, a cab home. I thought of parking downtown by the BART station, but decided against it. Wasn't sure I'd find a place (although I always have in the past), didn't like to leave the car parked on the street at night, although it was well lighted with people around, and, and, I took a cab. You get the drift.

So it's midnight. Let's see how going to bed at midnight contributes to a night's sleep.

The photo up top was taken along 9th Street near Washington with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.