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Here In Oakland

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September 22, 2013

But Then....
Sunday. I did watch the first part of a Netflix movie on a tablet last night, skimmed the new issue of Scientific American, but put them both down in time to tuck myself in before ten. So good. Up with the alarm, no fighting it, off to breakfast and back on a sunny, going to be a very nice, morning. To the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival later? We'll see. Maybe. We're in a good mood at nine, still should be at noon.

A comparatively pale series of “hups!” here. Are you flaking already?

No, we're just not seeing any barriers to going and that fact is sobering. Usually I can see issues. Indecision, in other words, even after coffee. Life in the mornings can be complicated.

Later. Set up the cameras, packed the one in the backpack, checked the weather (t-shirt weather, it will be even warmer in Lafayette), put the backpack down and decided a walk over to the lake would be a better course of action. We may be entering a less than enthusiastic go photograph a street festival stage. Maybe we've been there for a while and we're just recognizing it, finally coming clean with our multiple selves.

What does that mean?

Means we didn't go photograph the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival this afternoon.

Nothing happening over at the lake, so a walk back to take a nap, listen to the radio, take another nap and suddenly it's after two in the afternoon. Just like that. Time has a habit of slipping by, around the corners, through the cracks, you can do or not do whatever you like, but time is still moving forward, paying no attention, sometimes (I'm reliably told) at the speed of light.

Later still. I did, as it happens, go by the supermarket after breakfast and bought more grapes, cottage cheese, crackers, spreadable sharp cheddar cheese like substance and sake. You may recall sharp cheddar cheese is high on the to be avoided list for ocular incidents.

I was feeling invincible and rationalized it was time to test these propositions again. The neurologist said those who come to ocular migraines at my age usually lose them after a couple of years and a couple of years it's been.

And so I ate the cheese and most of the crackers around noon, thinking, if they were going to have an effect, they're going to have an effect later this evening or tomorrow, but later this afternoon and evening seemed the likely time. Same with the sake. Add it to the cheese and it becomes a real test, so I started on the sake (two bottles, no chance of going beyond our two drink limit) at five. Hup! Insanity reins! Or something, here in Oakland.

Evening. Sunday nights are Commisario Montalbano nights on the new schedule and, as I can't digest the program, I've been watching other programs (including some football) on other channels and playing along on guitar. The two bottles of sake have been consumed over these last couple of hours and I'm feeling just fine. A little spiffed, but fine. So far no ocular effects, but we have an evening to finish and a morning yet to come. Doesn't mean we're home free, but, you know, we're flying, winging along and oblivious to rational thought.

Spent time watching The Girl Who Played With Fire. I read the first couple of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books when they were released, saw the first movie of the same name but I've put off reading or seeing any of the others that followed. Interesting, this one, but we'll watch the last twenty minutes of it tomorrow.

There's another Foyle's War on at nine. Will I watch it? I suspect. It will get us to bed well after ten, but then, but then....

The photo up top was taken at the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.